16 Futuristic Space Age Seats for 2023

The Space Age movement, which emerged in the mid-20th century, continues to inspire artists, architects, and designers globally. Marked by its futuristic and innovative designs, Space Age seeks to push the boundaries of traditional forms. Today, its influence resonates across creative fields, including seating design. Explore our carefully curated collection of 16 distinctive Space Age seats and chairs that seamlessly merge style and functionality, ideal for the year 2023.

Chair I metaspace by metastudio x spacestudio

Chair I metaspace by metastudio x spacestudio
©metastudio x spacestudio

A chair made from glass and stainless steel, where fragility meets durability and customizable colour gradients. This Space Age-inspired chair provides a futuristic and thought-provoking experience.

PAU SILVER V1 Armchair by Simone Fanciullacci 

PAU SILVER V1 Armchair by Simone Fanciullacci 
© Simone Fanciullacci 

“PAU SILVER V1” is made by Italian artisans in painted and spray coated Polystyrene with an incredible metallic final coating that makes the object as reflective as chrome-plated metal.

Sandbagged Variation 03 by thehighkey

Sandbagged Variation 03 by thehighkey
© thehighkey

“Sandbagged” is a collection of beanbag seats inspired by the natural stacked quality of sandbags. By recontextualizing this product, its affective qualities are revealed and transformed into a contemporary seating object.

PAU V2 Stool by Simone Fanciullacci

PAU V2 Stool by Simone Fanciullacci
© Simone Fanciullacci

“PAU V2” is a white Space Age-inspired stool made by Italian artisans in painted and spray coated Polystyrene. It is part of a collectible design language that has been developed by Italian designer Simone Fanciullaci.

Mirror Lounge Chair by Project 213A

Mirror Lounge Chair by Project 213A
© Project 213A

The Mirror Lounge Chair surface is eye-catching given its reflective surface, whilst also blending in with its surrounding space.

Fringefloss Stool by Andrea Santivanez

© Andrea Santivanez

The “Fringefloss Stool” by Andrea Santivanez is in line with the Space Age aesthetic given its curved shape and metallic finish.

O.F.I.S Series, Steel Chair by Lucas Muñoz

Space Age seats
© Lucas Muñoz

This tubular steel chair is part of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space). Muñoz designed this seating piece as an exploration of the structural potential of different industrial components.

Rion Loveseat by ARCANA


The “Rion Loveseat” captures the essence of Arcana’s “Altered Common” collection, a whimsical exploration into the misuse of common building materials, here seen with glass block and wrought iron window guard. Soft and hard, translucent and opaque underscore this object as it absorbs its surroundings.

“OVNI” Stool by Cultivado em Casa

© Cultivado em Casa

After a long intergalactic voyage, OVNI lands in the form of a stool. A visual stimulus that celebrates geometric shapes and vibrant colours.

HULA by Kevin Hviid Studio

© Kevin Hviid Studio

HULA is a playful reference to the hula hoop ring and the Space Age movement. Inscribed within a circle and square, the construction of this seat is inspired by the iconic Vitruvian Man drawing.

Ball-Foot Chair by Panorammma Atelier

© Panorammma Atelier

The “Ball-Foot Chair” is upholstered with cactus leather, a vegan textile infused with natural cacti fibres. The chair’s seat is playfully in dialogue with its distinctive spherical extremities.

Frame Shaming Lounge Chair by Sofie Wallenius

© Sofie Wallenius

This chair is part of the collection “Frame Shaming”, which is an exploratory project about how furniture can represent our different personalities and appearances.

POOL Bench by Helder Barbosa

© Helder Barbosa

The spacing and shape of the bars of the POOL bench result in a rhythmic structure with soft lines, combined with the light shade of the raw material. An impression of lightness and harmony emerges from the whole.

Molecule Chair by Nejc Prah

© Nejc Prah

The “Molecule Chair” is made of 36 hand-turned wooden spheres with a hidden steel structure that serves as the base and holds all of the spheres together. The final product has been painted light grey, lacquered, and later polished by hand.

O.F.I.S Series, Tubular Armchair by Lucas Muñoz 

© Lucas Muñoz

As of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space), this chair represents the ongoing research by Lucas Muñoz into the material’s potential for narrative.

“Wurst” Bench by General Life

"Wurst" bench
© General Life

The WURST Bench, created by General Life, is a scagliola phallus inspired by the texture of German sausages and the form of beached whales, on a set of ebonised conical feet.

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