Rua Cha – Modern Natural Fibers Fabric Sofa With Wooden Legs

by Clementine Caurier France

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The RUA CHA sofa boasts a delicate yet sturdy framework, expertly crafted from solid wood with a distinct, crisscrossed design that lends an air of sophistication and openness. It is meticulously cushioned with high-density memory foam, which is then enveloped in a luxurious blend of natural fibers, combining the resilience of wool with the softness of linen, to create an inviting tactile experience.

Designed with an elegantly low profile and a deep seating area, this sofa encourages a relaxed posture, drawing you into its plush embrace. The innovative, removable armrests enhance its versatility, allowing for a personalized interaction with the piece.

The excellence of the RUA CHA sofa resides not only in the superior quality of its natural materials but also in the precision of its construction. Tailored to accommodate both intimate and spacious settings, it is available as a cozy 2-seater or a more expansive 3-seater. Furthermore, it presents a diverse palette of color options, ensuring that it can adapt to and accentuate any interior design scheme.

– 2-Seater length : 2 m
– 3-Seater length : 2,40 m


2-Seater, 3-Seater

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Clémentine Caurier, a visionary in the world of industrial design and ceramics, was born in 1986 in France. Her formative years were spent in the diverse landscapes of Ardèche, Marseille, and Nancy, shaping her unique perspective. At the tender age of 17, Clémentine embarked on her journey in industrial design, nurturing her talents at the esteemed Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. Her dedication and skill earned her a dual Master’s degree in Product Design and Business Administration, a testament to her multifaceted expertise. Her academic journey didn't stop there; Clémentine further honed her skills through specialized workshop classes at the prestigious Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. It was here that her passion for material-driven design took root, leading her back to Germany for a pivotal internship that would shape her career. Berlin, with its vibrant and eclectic art scene, became a turning point for Clémentine. Here, she found a haven for creative expression and launched her career as an independent designer. Collaborating with renowned designers like Moritz Böttcher, Sören Henssler, and Nikolaus Kayser, she delved into the world of furniture design. Her collaborative efforts and innovative designs garnered numerous accolades, propelling her to new heights. Eager to explore her own creative path, Clémentine began crafting unique pieces for furniture brands, simultaneously mastering the art of ceramics. Her journey took an international turn in 2015, leading her to teach at Rubika Valenciennes in France and the Design School of Pune in India. During her travels, particularly in Southern Europe, she deepened her ceramic expertise and forged significant connections in Portugal. Portugal's rich craft culture was a revelation for Clémentine, allowing her to blend her design acumen with traditional techniques. This fusion led to the creation of the RUA CHA series in 2020 and the Clementine Caurier Collection. Her work is characterized by an elegant blend of modern design principles and age-old craftsmanship, making her a distinguished figure in both the design and art communities.
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