Not As Planned – Candleholder

by Benjamin Foucaud France

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The Not As Planned series is a series of sculptures and functional objects made up of scraps, found objects, and samples that did not have the destiny they hoped for.
Questioning the relationship between the value of the material and the aesthetic value of the object. The place of industrial materials in our aesthetic reference and at the other end of the prism, the place of losses in craftsmanship.
It is also a creative exercise outside the usual social framework of design:
By not drawing on materials associated with an identity and a social power other than one’s own, by agreeing to nourish oneself in the reality of one’s immediate social and material environment, that of medium-sized towns, commercial areas, flea markets – the designer once again becomes an explorer who dares to face reality.
The existence of a material and non-aesthetic domination of a “noble” design finally becomes visible and tangible, and this is opposed by another design, a raw, real, radical, chaotic and free design.
Within the framework defined by this new design, the designer faces his own origins without cannibalizing them, and accepts his story, even if this one does not go as planned either.

Functional. Some pieces have deliberately not been permanently assembled. Some pieces are kept rough or unfinished for aesthetical purpose.

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I’m a human, born in 1980. After years as a creative director for major brands, I trained as an artisan cabinetmaker to learn about my hands and body as other forms of power, freedom and thoughts. Project after project, the practice of gestural know-how has transformed into the practice of a thought as manual work obliges and requires us to think about our relationship with the world and its reality. Today, I put the ideas of art, creation, design and craft to the test of my Humanity, investigating their social, cultural and aesthetic concepts, their aesthetics, their myths and their memory and their industries to make visible their corruption and their beauty. Consequently questioning our values, our beliefs, our paradoxes, our artifices and our realities. Exploring the tensions between chaos and logic, beliefs and rationalism, reality and utopias, chance and control, violence and beauty. Leaving the tensions between craftsmanship and art, functionality and aesthetics to the theories of the past century. Seeking to define myself without the words Design, Art and Craft and avoiding reducing my aesthetic to an essence, I refuse to define myself categorically to accept being like the world around me : unpredictable, plural and ambivalent. I refuse to stick to a signature style and embrace several bodies of work that toughtfully make sense in relation to my own life, environment and encounters, and question the relationship to freedom and individuality of a world where everything must be formatted to be a commodity. I’m trying to be a fearless energy between nothingness and something in front of me that celebrate humanity and life.
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