AMUD – Walnut Wood Side Table

by Selma Lazrak Germany

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The “AMUD Walnut Wood Side Table,” crafted by Selma Lazrak, is a masterful fusion of architectural inspiration and cultural heritage. Drawing from the intricate column designs prevalent in Fez, Morocco, this piece mirrors the elegance and complexity of the region’s historic structures. Its chamfered edges are not merely aesthetic but a homage to the diverse natural landscapes of Morocco and the rich tapestry of civilizations that have flourished there, ranging from Roman to Arab-Andalusian influences.

Selma Lazrak, the creator of this exquisite table, is not only an accomplished architect but also a renowned product designer. Born in Morocco and currently residing in Munich, Germany, Lazrak’s work is a testament to her deep understanding of the interplay between design, personal identity, and geographical roots. Her studio focuses on crafting pieces that are not just functional but also narrate stories of places and peoples, thereby bringing a piece of history into contemporary spaces.

American Walnut

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Selma Lazrak is a distinguished architect and product designer, renowned for her ability to weave the essence of identity and territory into her designs. Born and raised in Morocco, a country rich in cultural heritage and architectural marvels, Lazrak developed a keen eye for design that speaks to the soul of a place. After completing her architectural studies, Lazrak embarked on a journey that would see her talents cross borders and continents. She established herself in Munich, Germany, where she founded her studio. Here, Lazrak's work has blossomed, characterized by a unique blend of contemporary design principles and echoes of historical and cultural narratives. Lazrak's designs often reflect her Moroccan roots, infused with a modern sensibility that appeals to a global audience. Her approach to design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing objects but about crafting stories and experiences. Through her work, she invites people to journey through history, culture, and identity, making each piece a conversation starter. Her excellence in design has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, Lazrak was honored with the prestigious African Design Award, being named the Designer of the Year. This accolade is a testament to her impact on the world of design, particularly in representing African art and architecture on the global stage. Lazrak's recent participation in several international design shows further cements her status in the design world. She showcased her innovative works at Paris Design Week, a hub for designers who shape the trends of tomorrow. At Berlin Design Week, her creations graced the avant-garde space of Stilwerk KantGaragen, known for its focus on contemporary and sustainable design. And at Milan Design Week, her pieces were featured at the Isola Gallery, a space celebrated for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge design. Selma Lazrak's journey as an artist and designer is marked by a continuous exploration of the intersections between design, identity, and the stories embedded in our environments. Her work stands as a beacon of innovation, heritage, and the endless possibilities that arise when these worlds converge.
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