15 Iconic Coastal Tables Featuring Exceptional Craftsmanship

In the realm of interior design, the coastal aesthetic has gained widespread popularity for its soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by the coastal regions and the beauty of the ocean, this design style aims to bring a sense of tranquillity and a touch of nature into our living spaces. An integral component of coastal design is the choice of furniture, with coastal tables playing a central role. Discover our 14 coastal tables that embody the allure of beachside retreats. These refined pieces effortlessly blend style and functionality, creating a coastal ambience in any space. Embrace the timeless charm of coastal aesthetics in 2023 and beyond.

Mono – Coffee Table Grande by Assimply Studio

Mono – Coffee Table Grande by Assimply Studio
© Assimply Studio

The Mono Coffee Table Grande takes part of the MONOMORFO collection. The terrazzo composition is made of leftover glass crystals from a glass crystal factory in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This leftover material contributes to the creation of unique and colorful patterns for each table produced.

“Julio” Side Table by Taller Nacional 

"Julio" Side Table
© Taller Nacional

The “Julio” Side Table from the “BASE” collection is crafted using Tzalam wood and Volcanic stone. These materials are chosen for their physical qualities, durability, resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Uxmal Table by Taller Maya

coastal aesthetic
© Taller Maya

The Uxmal table carries the wisdom and talent of Mayan culture and reflects its relevance in contemporary design.

“Verso” Side Table by Peca

"Verso" Side Table
© Peca

The “Verso” table is straight out of a poem. Two flawlessly intersected cords curve up to support the disc that is delicately poised on top.

“Design Impressionism” Table by Studio B Severin

“Design Impressionism” Table by Studio B Severin
© Studio B Severin

More than a functional coffee table, this work is a piece of art. The table’s cathedral glass, situated inside the glass cube, is handcrafted by Lambert Glassworks.

“Revolve” – No. 04 (no. 01/03) by Flensted Mouritzen

"Revolve" – No. 04 (no. 01/03)
© Flensted Mouritzen

The starting point of this project is rooted in the designers’ interest in old stucco materials and moulding techniques. It has grown into a fascination with the two-dimensional line of the running mould technique being transformed through a specifically-created turning machine.

Alentejo Coffee Table by Project 213A

© Project 213A

This coffee table has an organic and symmetric-shaped table top made from locally sourced travertine stone. The table stands on four wooden legs, each hand-carved from solid chestnut wood.

Become Table – Tropical Depression by Fi

© Fi

“Become Table – Tropical Depression” by Fi symbolizes life’s cycle and explores themes of maturity and depression.

“Marbled Salts” Yubiwa by Roxane Lahidji Company

© Roxane Lahidji Company

In ancient times, salt was rare and costly. Yet, since the industrial revolution, it has become so cheap and easily available that we no longer recognise its value. With “Marbled Salts”, Roxane Lahidji explores new possibilities, reinventing salt as a sustainable design material.

Arca 3 by Lucas Huillet

© Lucas Huillet

The “Arca 3” side table is part of the “Summer Drama” collection by Lucas Huillet. This collection was born from the desire to concretize the designer’s desires and research.

“Topaanga” Table by Studio Lél

© Studio Lél

The Topaanga table explores the zero-waste concept. It is handcrafted using the gemstone Lapis Lazuli.

Lago Tall Table by AYRES


This decorative table is crafted in marble by artisans in Puebla, México. The philosophy of this project demonstrates that we deserve objects with a soul that tell a story and have a purpose within our spaces.

Melt Coffee Table by Marble Balloon

© Marble Balloon

Blurring the lines between solidity and fluidity, the Melt collection leans on natural stones and wood to form a three-piece collection of tables.

ASH Collection | Table by STACKLAB


The Ash Collection is an innovative system of versatile furnishings born out of the challenges that face regional manufacturing.

Isola Coffee Table by Brajak Vitberg

© Brajak Vitberg

The “Isola Coffee Table” is inspired by the waves of the Adriatic sea, created with laminated dichroic glass.

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