Translucent Creations: +13 Beautiful Interior Designs

Delving into the world of glass designs reveals a harmonious blend of artistic form and practical function. In this curated collection by Adorno.Design, we present an array of exquisite lamps, mirrors, chairs, tables, and vases that are available for purchase. Each piece, reflecting the elegance of Art Deco, the innovation of Bauhaus, or the futurism of Space Age, is meticulously crafted. Some employing traditional glassblowing techniques and others showcasing the finesse of Murano Glass and Blown Glass, and other translucent materials. Discover how these designs can enhance the ambiance of your kitchen, bedroom, and other living spaces with their sophisticated charm.

Miami Glass Table Lamp by Brajak Vitberg

The “Miami Table Lamp” by Brajak Vitberg Studio in 2019 was inspired by the vibrant and colourful Miami skies. 



Explore the Eclectic ÄTHER Wall Lamp, inspired by Renaissance curiosities. This piece, in a specimen bell jar, combines custom laboratory glass and tinted fluorescent light, perfect for sophisticated spaces.

Gigi by d’Armes


Gigi Grande, with its elegant geometry and its refined details, stands in the space like a beacon of glass and light. 

Particules glass bench by Melissa Mariller

Experience the Radical elegance of this Plexiglass bench, adorned with aluminium marquetry, a masterpiece from France. It’s a bold statement of style and sophistication

Angels, Sunset Wall Mirror by Andreas Berlin 

glass design
©Andreas Berlin

Embrace Art Deco elegance with the SUNSET WALL Mirrors, reflecting ‘70s-inspired sculptural beauty. Using translucent Plexiglas, these mirrors radiate vibrant energy and adapt their visual appeal with changes in ambient light.

Isola Glass Console Table by Brajak Vitberg

glass tables
©Brajak Vitberg

Explore the Coastal allure of the Brajak Vitberg Side Table from the Isola Collection. Crafted with laminated glass and holographic foil, this piece mesmerizes with color-changing effects, and its metal detail allows secure wall fixing.

“Polline” Murano Glass Vase / Low by Laura Sattin

"Polline" Murano Glass Vase / Low
©Laura Sattin

Polline” is a collection of delicate and elegant Murano Glass vases.

c.1[bpg] by thibeau scarcériaux

glass chairs
©thibeau scarcériaux

“c.1[bpg]” is a Brutalist glass lounge chair that has been shot with no visible connections. 

Black Glass by Tanja Pak

©Tanja Pak

The hands of experienced cutters watched over this hand-blown plate from massive black glass, guiding it through the hundreds of lines incised by the grinding wheel.


glass Design lamps

ÄTHER” addresses the ideas of the object, of collecting, storing and preserving, as inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the Italian Renaissance. 

“Curve” Glass Table by Sophia Taillet

Glass tables
©Sophia Taillet

This object was imagined during a glass-making residency in France.

Glass Art Deco Pendant Lamp by Szostak Atelier

glass lamps
©Szostak Atelier

Art Deco-inspired lamp is made of stainless steel elements and clear glass shades.

Seljuk Glass Vase by ZOYA ISTANBUL

glass vases

The design inspiration behind the “Seljuk” vase is the traditional Anatolian Seljuk architecture and ornamentation.

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Exploring these glass designs, from Adorno.Design, enriches your spaces with timeless elegance and modern sophistication. You’ve viewed marvelous lamps, intricate mirrors, stylish chairs, and elegant vases, each embodying unique aspects of styles like Art Deco and Bauhaus. But the journey doesn’t stop here. Dive deeper to discover more refined glass creations, and let your living spaces tell a story of refined style and innovation.

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