Adorno is the way to the world's most unique and carefully crafted contemporary collectible mirrors. Through thoughtful curation and reflections, our mirrors are not just artistically spectacular wall decorations, but a captivating experience from renowned artists from all over the world. Each mirror is crafted with indigenous materials such as Murano glass for immaculate design and function. By supporting independent makers, you can help preserve their cultural heritage and find new ways to express their work in your home. Adorno will help you stand out from your peers with unbelievably beautiful and one-of-a-kind products that are sure to draw the attention of both friends and passersby alike. An included selection of acclaimed artists brings an international presence of iconic pieces while incorporating sustainable materials into each piece to ensure that our planet is not left behind in the journey toward unique excellence. Moreover, Adorno's foray into functional art offers more than simply aesthetics; every mirror is injected with historical value and sculptural prestige that speaks through its reflection. Bring a touch of luxury and delight into your homes with Adorno; an exclusive collection of mirrors that support independent makers nationally, reflect culturally significant history, and provide poerinanent wall decoration - so much more than just a reflection!