Metal Mirrors: Reflections of Modern Design

In the realm of interior design, Metal Mirrors have emerged as a striking fusion of utility and elegance. Crafted from metal, these mirrors are not just reflective surfaces but pieces of art that complement any decor style. Whether it’s the clean and functional aesthetic of Minimalist design, the structural boldness of Brutalist art, or the innovative principles of Bauhaus, metal mirrors enhance spaces with their unique beauty, originality, and artistic flair.

Rainbow X Mirror by Julia Siewak 

Rainbow X Mirror
by Julia Siewak
©Julia Siewak

Julie Siewak’s Rainbow X mirror is a whimsicalSpace Age delight. The wood-framed mirror features custom-designed handles shaped like “waves” for versatile hanging. This design offers a color-changing reflection, showcasing bold, coastal hues from pink to orange to fresh green depending on the viewing angle.

Luna – Iridescent Round Mirror by Yugen Lab

Luna – Iridescent Round Mirror by Yugen Lab
©Yugen Lab

Yugen Lab’s ‘Luna’ round mirror is a maximalist wall mirror that creates a captivating halo light that shifts with the angle of incoming light, delivering a space-age allure to your living spaces.

The Mirror of Simple Souls by COSEINCORSO

The Brutalist  Mirror of Simple Souls by COSEINCORSO

The Brutalist Mirror of Simple Souls by COSEINCORSO takes inspiration from medieval stoups The stainless steel plate is brushed by hand leaving a blurry mirrored surface. The iron half-sphere can be used as a small container or be left as an empty spiritual vessel.

New Life Mirror – Tropical Depression by Fi

Standing mirror with wooden inlays
©  Fi

Conceptual New Life Mirror by Fi – Sofía Alvarado delves into nature’s complexities and human consciousness. Inspired by tropical plants’ changing forms and colors

Terrace Metal Mirrors by J McDonald

Terrace Metal Mirrors by J McDonald
©J McDonald

 The mirror drips down the wall, projecting a topography onto its planar surface.

Kura Mirror by Marble Balloon

Space Age Kura Mirror by Marble Balloon
©Marble Balloon

Space Age Kura Mirror by Marble Balloon: Amethyst, Brass, Onyx Craftsmanship.”

REVOLUTION 90 Metal Mirrors by Simone Fanciullacci

REVOLUTION 90 Metal Mirrors by Simone Fanciullacci
©Simone Fanciullacci

Neo Industrial Revolution 90 is made by Italian artisans in different shades and colors. They are part of the collectible design language Revolution that has been developed by the Edizione Limitata’s art research team in Milan.

“Eclipse” mirror by stoft studio

"Eclipse" mirror
©stoft studio

From the dark and surreal diabase quarry in Lönsboda, Sweden comes the Minimalist mirror “Eclipse” designed by Stoft studio and produced by Kullaro.

“Glory” Mirror by VAUST Studio

"Glory" Mirror
©VAUST Studio

The Glory unveils and distorts its beholder’s most significant other in a single moment. The glorifying brass sheet is kept in place by a black oaken base and antagonized by a vertical marble piece.

Ondine Metal Mirrors by Alara & Stefan

Ondine Mirror by Alara & Stefan
©Alara & Stefan

Ondine” is a sculptural mirror and light fixture designed for CASA NEUVA. This piece is a continuation of the “Midsummer” collection showcased in Milan Design Week 2022.

No Mirror by Maria Bang Espersen

No Mirror by Maria Bang Espersen
©Maria Bang Espersen

No Mirror” is made of steel and glass that has been stretched and folded multiple times. It is an approach to hot glass that Maria Bang Espersen has continued to explore since 2011.

SLICE Metal Mirrors by Helder Barbosa

SLICE Metal Mirrors by Helder Barbosa
©Helder Barbosa

The idea for this Brutalist mirror was to find a way to see yourself from head to toe in only 83cm high which was possible by tilting the top of the mirror.
Its thickness gives the illusion that it was sculpted in a massive block of brass.

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Opting for a Metal Mirror means choosing a piece that reflects more than just images. These mirrors offer a blend of modern design and rustic charm, bringing a sense of refined elegance to any room. With their distinctive styles, metal mirrors serve as focal points that beautifully embody contemporary design trends.

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