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+35 Artistic Mirrors For You To See

Mirrors do more than just reflect our appearance; they have the power to transform a room by adding depth, light, and a touch of artistry. With a curated collection of over 35 artistic mirrors, you have endless options that can brighten and elevate your space. Whether you are drawn to the sophisticated lines of Art Deco or the avant-garde elements of Space Age design. Our diverse array of Mirrors – from Standing Mirrors to Wall Mirrors – is crafted in various materials like Metal and Wood. Ultimately, each offering its own unique charm and aesthetic appeal.

Botanical Garden Mirror by Elis Monsport

Botanical Garden Mirror
by Elis Monsport
©Elis Monsport

The Botanical Garden Mirror by Elis Monsport is an enchanting mirror in a historical triptych style with engraved details of a greenhouse and organic floral motifs reflecting the symbiotic coexistence of nature and man. With incredible detail work, it’s easy to get lost in this garden.

Matcha – Shades of Green Wall Mirror by Estelle Makes Stuff

Indulge in the charm of the Matcha Mirror by French artist Estelle Pigault. Bursting with color and personality, this vibrant maximalist piece adds a touch of playful whimsy. Handmade and available in a variety of fun hues, each mirror promises a unique character. Visit Estelle’s showroom to explore the delightful range of colors on offer.

Miniori Tadelakt – Terracotta Mirror by NV Studio

Miniori Tadelakt – Terracotta Mirror by NV Studio
©NV Studio

This unique object is handmade using an ancestral plastering technique from Morocco called Tadelakt. The waterproof material, traditionally used to cover bathhouses, is obtained through a careful process of layering and polishing the surface, giving it a deeply layered texture, a subtle sheen and a very nice feel to the touch. An eclectic piece, perfect for a variety of spaces.

Jeu Des Miroirs – 4 Piece Oak Mirrors by MARCO CALHAU

Jeu Des Miroirs by Spanish designer, Marco Calhau, is a set of four oak, cherry, elm and ash wood mirrors that function together as a collective, as well as on their own, just like people.
The different colors and shapes complement each other, alluding to the individual and the collective, creating a child’s game for everyone.

Sammukhin – Teak Wood Wall Mirror by Studio Indigene

Sammukhin – Teak Wood Wall Mirror
by Studio Indigene
©Studio Indigene

The Sammukhin mirror by Studio Indigene speaks of grandiose but is minimal; speaks of pleasing proportions while reflecting your singular grace. The mirror, handcrafted from brass and reclaimed teak wood, can be wall-hung or leaned against the wall. A small shelf holds your daily grooming accessories.

Not As Planned – Mirror by Benjamin Foucaud

Not As Planned – Mirror
by Benjamin Foucaud
©Benjamin Foucaud

The Not As Planned series by Benjamin Foucaud is a series of sculptures and functional objects made up of scraps, found objects, and samples that did not have the destiny they hoped for. The mirror in this series is a delightful table mirror also functioning as a catchall.

TRN Standing Wood Mirror / triple by Pani Jurek

TRN Mirror
© Pani Jurek

Hand crafted in selected solid ash wood, with traditional cabinet making techniques.

Luna – Iridescent Round Mirror by Yugen Lab

Luna – Iridescent Round Mirror
by Yugen Lab
©Yugen Lab

Yugen Lab’s ‘Luna’ round mirror is intriguingly both a maximalist and minimalist wall mirror that creates a captivating halo light that shifts with the angle of incoming light, delivering a space-age allure to your living spaces.

Maximalist Medusa Mirrors and Rug Set by Brera Studio

Embodying the ethereal grace of jellyfish, the Medusa Rug & Mirror set from the Brera Studio Terra collection captivates with its intricate design. The mirror showcases a vibrant six-color palette, while the complementary rug accentuates the mirror’s pink undertones.

Floor Length Purple Anemone Mirrors by Nicholas Devlin

Floor-length Anemone Standing Mirrors by Nicholas Devlin, blending experimental design with notions of home.
©Nicholas Devlin

Handcrafted in Brooklyn by sculptor Nicholas Devlin, this floor-length Anemone mirror brings experimental and queer perspectives into the realm of domesticity. The unique, sanded finish adds a sensory depth that challenges conventional ideas of home.

Stone Mirrors No. 5 by Sjang Niederwieser

Sjang Niederwieser’s “Stone Collection” stands as a remarkable testament to the intertwining of nature, memory, and technology.

U+II Maximalist Mirror by Kiki Goti

U+II Mirror fuses maximalist colors and stripes in acrylic and foam.
©Kiki Goti

The “U+II Mirror” injects maximalist flair into your interior with its vibrant colors and stripes. Made of acrylic plastic and squeezed foam, this mirror seamlessly blends sharp and soft textures.

Brutalist Mirrors – Astra 24 by Clemence Birot

Astra table mirrors blend brutalist design with hand-blown glass, cork, and beveled mirror.
©Clemence Birot

The Astra table mirrors, a harmonious blend of blown glass, cork, and beveled mirror, embody an elegant yet functional brutalist design. Handcrafted in France, Italy, and Portugal, these mirrors tilt for your convenience and feature a glass base for decorative storage.

Angels, Sunset Art Deco Wall Mirrors by Andreas Berlin

SUNSET WALL MIRRORS blend Art Deco inspiration with transformative Plexiglas panes, offering both sculptural beauty and functional reflection.
© Andreas Berlin

The SUNSET WALL MIRRORS, inspired by Art Deco design and the ’70s, feature an ingenious assembly of translucent Plexiglas panes. Floating against the wall, they transform into luminous sculptures that shift in appearance with varying light conditions. Check out these and other unique mirrors for a modern home full of positive energy.

Oyster Space Age Mirrors by Forrest Hudes

The Oyster mirror in black walnut offers a unique twist on woodworking, blending natural form and Space Age aesthetics.
© Forrest Hudes

The Oyster mirror boasts a frame meticulously carved from a single block of black walnut wood, which intriguingly grew around a barbed wire fence. The metal removal process influenced the frame’s form and enhanced the grain pattern. Discover the timeless art of woodworking and the bold Space Age aesthetic in this unique mirror.

NOVA V2 Neo Industrial Wall Mirrors by Simone Fanciullacci

The Nova V2 mirror combines Italian craftsmanship with Neo Industrial aesthetics, featuring painted metal in a limited edition design.
©Simone Fanciullacci

Crafted by Italian artisans, Nova V2 is a 21st-century mirror made of painted metal. This limited edition piece blends geometric shapes into a cohesive design, ultimately offering a unique viewpoint to any space. It embodies Neo Industrial Design and promises enduring appeal for collectors.

Baggage Claim Space Age Mirror – I by Living Cult Studio

Baggage Claim-I is a colorful, round mirror framed in MDF wood, featuring vibrant mirror slices that evoke the playful motion of a baggage carousel.
© Living Cult Studio

Baggage Claim-I is a striking mirror framed in colored MDF wood. Featuring slices of vibrant mirrored material, the design is inspired by the hypnotic motion of baggage carousels. It not only functions as a mirror but also serves as an art piece, capturing the spirit of Space Age design.

Mirror I metaspace by metastudio x spacestudio

A sculptural, double-sided mirror inspired by the softness of fabric, handcrafted in Istanbul with a built-in LED light.
©metastudio x spacestudio

This double-sided mirror embodies the fluidity of fabric in its metal construction, achieving a unique sculptural aesthetic. Handcrafted in Istanbul, the design also features a built-in LED light, making it versatile for darker spaces and resonant with Space Age elements.

Exposè II Wall Mirrors by Animate Objects

Brutalist Mirror designs
© Animate Objects

Exposè mirror is made of two large different-coloured glasses cut into many smaller segments and joined together by hand in order to create a Brutalist image.

New Life Mirror – Tropical Depression by Fi

Standing mirror with wooden inlays
©  Fi

TROPICAL DEPRESSION by Fi – Sofía Alvarado delves into nature’s complexities and human consciousness. Inspired by tropical plants’ changing forms and colors, the exhibition explores themes of maturity and mental health. It suggests that art is a form of freedom, echoing nature’s elusive spirit.

“ANDO” Radical Mirror by Leo De Carlo

Limited-edition Venetian golden mirror, perfect for a living room infused with Radical Design, crafted in Italy.
©Leo De Carlo

“ANDO” is an opulent golden mirror, limited to just eight copies and hand-engraved by Venetian artisans. This masterpiece serves not just as a reflective surface, but also as the Lord of burnt-out bulbs, ensuring seamless electric performance in your home. It’s the perfect statement piece for those drawn to Radical Design.

“Fiordo” Set Mirrors + Runner Rug, Emerald Green by Brera Studio

Green Maximalist Standing Mirror and Rug Set
© Brera Studio

Fiordo Set” is a Maximalism statement piece inspired by organic shapes of bodies of water.

“Giuliano” Mirror by Klemens Schillinger

"Giuliano" Mirror
© Klemens Schillinger

Giuliano Mirror is composed of a plaster bust of Giuliano de Medici and a mirror polished censoring bar.

“Narciso” Mirrors by Júlia Esqué

"Narciso" Mirror
© Júlia Esqué

Narciso” is both a functional and playful (Boho Chic) mirror, it offers new dimensions within its interaction. Inspired by beveled mirrors.

“YOUR FACE” Art Deco Mirror by Leo De Carlo

Murano Glass Wall Mirror Sculpture
© Leo De Carlo

That is a Venetian mirror melted in random shapes: all components are made of Murano glass.

Espejx S.3 Space Age Mirror by Jimena Montemayor 

©Jimena Montemayor

This is a Space Age laser-cut and lacquered MDF frame with acrylic mirror.

La Celebración Natural Boho Chic Mirror by Joyful Objects, Yes!

© Joyful Objects, Yes!

La Celebración” is a statement Boho Chic piece inspired by unusual sensual kinetic forms.

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Mirrors are not merely functional; they are a statement. And with options in Boho Chic, Maximalist, and Brutalist styles, among others, you’re sure to find a design that reflects not just your face, but your soul. So come, take a look at our carefully curated selection available in our Accessories and Decor categories, and let your space reflect your uniqueness.

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