"Cabinet Diamond" Mirror

The Mirror Edit: 10 Mirrors That Will Make You Reflect

On the cusp of functional and decorative, the ten mirrors curated here bring both light and a sense of personality to the spaces they inhabit. They offer a moment of reflection – literally and figuratively – and elevate our living environments in a simple, yet visually intriguing manner.

The variety of materials and techniques used to create each piece highlights the range of design philosophies explored by their makers. Some are experimental in their creation, as in Troels Flensted’s use of heat to distort stainless steel and studio b severin’s ode to Impressionist paintings; some highlight established craft traditions, as in Pani Jurek’s use of cabinet making techniques and Zanellato/Bortotto Studio’s use of Murano glass; and some are playful in their construction, as in Klemens Schillinger’s bust-mounted mirror and Sara Lundkvist’s sci-fi inspired series. Their combination of aesthetics and functionality gives them a dual purpose and reflects the breadth of inspiration and craft skills available to their makers.

This edit features pieces by Troels Flensted, Charlotte Juillard, Pani Jurek, Tero Kuitunen, Sara Lundkvist, Klemens Schillinger, studio b severin, David Taylor, and Zanellato/Bortotto Studio

Troels Flensted, “Perception – Floor”

“Perception” is a collection of stainless steel mirrors. By heating the edges of the mirrors, the stainless steel starts to warp and reveal different colours. When looking in the mirror up close, the reflection is perfect, however, from a distance, the surroundings start to distort. The collection of mirrors creates colourful new perceptions of yourself and your surroundings.

View Troels Flensted’s showroom, including “Perception – Floor” (€2.156 ex. VAT)

Charlotte Juillard, “Inti” Mirror

"Inti" Mirror

“Inti” is a concrete mirror. Charlotte Juillard was inspired by the rites and symbols of Native American culture in which decor and graphics are the expression of a cultural strong identity. Inti was the sun god, source of heat and light, protector of the Inca people. An allegory that resonates with the powerful role of a mirror in an interior. “Inti” Mirror has been thought of as a wall jewel, suggestive and enigmatic.

View Charlotte Juillard’s showroom, including “Inti” Mirror (€650 ex. VAT)

Pani Jurek, “TRN Mirror”

Hand crafted in selected solid ash wood, with traditional cabinet making techniques, the “TRN Mirror” is wood stained and covered with natural wax. The hand crafted process of furniture making gives it a truly unique character. Each is one of a kind. Made in cooperation with Square Drop, preservative and high quality bespoke furniture studio.

View Pani Jurek’s showroom, including “TRN Mirror” (€1.520 ex. VAT)

Tero Kuitunen, “Cabinet Diamond” Mirror

"Cabinet Diamond" Mirror

Orange Mirror from the “Cabinet” Series Wall mirrors with a fringe edge made from glass mirror, mdf board, textile fringes. The theme of touch and play was first introduced in the Boudoir Mirror Collection introduced in Salone Satellite in 2018. “I love creating objects that feel good in your hand. My aim is to create design with character and allow people to feel a connection with them. I want to awake feelings trough playfulness, and a sense of fun. These are recurring themes in my work.”

View Tero Kuitunen’s showroom, including “Cabinet Diamond” Mirror (€1.170 ex. VAT)

Sara Lundkvist, “Portal” Mirrors

"Portal", Mirrors

Through glass, Sara Lundkvist investigates various phenomena from nature, myths, and spirituality where she works with questions concerning authenticity, values, aesthetic and social aspects related to material cultures and their artifacts. The common inspiration for the glass objects comes from the New Age movement, the Sci-Fi and the fantasy scene such as the kryptonite stone or the portal stargate where she tries to get her objects to look like they come from another world.

View Sara Lundkvist’s showroom, including “Portal” Mirrors (€485 – €970 ex. VAT)

Klemens Schillinger, “Giuliano” Mirror

"Giuliano" Mirror

Klemens Schillinger’s “Giuliano” Mirror is composed of a plaster bust of Giuliano de Medici and a mirror polished censoring bar. As co-ruler of Florence, Giuliano complemented his brother’s image as the ‘patron of the arts’ with his own image as the handsome, sporting, ‘golden boy.’

View Klemens Schillinger’s showroom, including “Giuliano” Mirror (€850,40 ex. VAT)

studio b severin, “Design Impressionism” Mirror

In a poetic manner, “Design Impressionism” rethinks the interrelations of 19th-century window glass production against a backdrop of emerging Impressionist painting. The mirror from the collection “Design Impressionism” captures the subjective, fleeting, and temporary aspects of self-presentation by reflecting light and colors like a surface of the water, moved by the wind.

View studio b severin’s showroom, including “Design Impressionism” Mirror (€2.187 ex. VAT)

David Taylor, “TABLE TOP” Mirror

"TABLE TOP" Mirror

“TABLE TOP” is formatted after the classic cameo tabletop mirror, the strikingly simple construction presents two shapes which appear separated from each, a large shard of broken mirror floating in the embrace of an aluminium stand. Each of the six pieces will be made to order and will be similar, though not identical, to the example shown.

View David Taylor’s showroom, including “TABLE TOP” Mirror (€1.650,40 ex. VAT)

Zanellato/Bortotto Studio, “Dogi” Mirror

"Dogi" mirror

“Dogi” is inspired by the traditional Venetian mirrors produced over the centuries in Murano. The piece offers a contemporary interpretation of this tradition preserving the traits of refinement and uniqueness that distinguish it. The mirror surface is silvered following the traditional process still used on Murano island. Glass dots and rods are handmade in glass.

View Zanellato/Bortotto Studio’s showroom, including “Dogi” Mirror (€9.300 ex. VAT)


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