14 Vibrant Maximalist Decors to Elevate Your Space

Defined by bold colours and eclectic patterns, maximalism is a perfect style that embraces the more-is-more mindset. ADORNO’s selection of maximalist Decor features leading independent designers around the world, ensuring that each piece is both functional, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. Discover the perfect fixture to complement your unique aesthetic with our carefully curated list of the top 14 maximalist decors for 2023.

The Nature Face Tapestry by Sandra Keja Planken

The Nature Face Tapestry by Sandra Keja Planken
© Sandra Keja Planken

The Nature Face tapestry of Keja-Planken embraces your brain with maximal visuals. It is an art creation that relaxes through shape, texture and colours. The imagination, pile height and strokes of wool incorporates colours, various materials, treatments, textures and techniques.

Blossom Vase by Drag And Drop

Blossom Vase by Drag And Drop
© Drag And Drop

The act of blossoming is the process by which a flower gradually opens up and reveals its beautiful petals to the world. This vase is 3d printed from 100% natural clay. It features a matte exterior and glazed interior.

Oemni Vessel by Sandra Keja Planken

© Sandra Keja Planken

Sandra formed a unique object based on earlier mythical work. Draping, hand-blown and hand-formed shapes come together in an enlarged nature-like vessel. Her colours are translated into a fantasy craft with residual glass and colours from the glass laboratory.

Joy Vase by Animate Objects

Joy Vase by Animate Objects
© Animate Objects

The Joy Vase, designed and crafted by Animate Objects, is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. Its playful and abstract design invites happiness and joy into any space.

Heros, Sunset Wall Mirror by Andreas Berlin

Heros, Sunset Wall Mirror by Andreas Berlin
© Andreas Berlin

The SUNSET WALL MIRRORS are inspired by Art déco of the 70s. The arrangement of translucent and light-conducting Plexiglas panes results in beautiful optical effects and a sculptural character.

Spirit Fingers Mirror by Bar Bergman

©Bar Bergman

Elevate your space with Bar Bergman’s “Spirit Fingers Mirror“: Handcrafted clay artistry that merges function with captivating charm.

Brutante A – Brutantes by Fi

© Fi

BRUTANTES Presents a series of functional sculptural objects created from the mixture, abstraction and transmutation between everyday artefacts and brutalism, in conjunction with the underlying intention of creating a utilitarian object. The selection of the orange colour as a symbol of renunciation, and the use of metal as the only material reflect the homogenization as a norm to be in complete comfort.

Exposè Wall Mirror, Mirror Glass, Black Lacquered Wood by Animate Objects

The playful Exposè mirror is made of two large different-coloured glasses that are cut into many smaller segments and joined together by hand in order to create a juxtaposed image.

Bon Appetit 002 by Culto Ponsoda

© Culto Ponsoda

Hedonism is the search for pleasure and well-being in any area of our lives, it is the cult of the body, money or carnal pleasure. Experience the pleasure of this Unique embroidered cushion with natural pearls and shells.

Dome Mirror by thehighkey

The Dome Mirror is a parabolic mirror that reveals the space around the viewer. This object encourages you to take in new perspectives of sites that you might consider familiar; it’s routed
wood frame gives the impression of ripples in water.

Medusa Mirror and Rug Set by Brera Studio

maximalist Decor
© Brera Studio

The Medusa Rug & Mirror set are a pair of vibrant statement pieces a part of the Brera Studio Terra collection. The set is inspired by the curves and colors of jellyfish, featuring a six-color combination that imitates the animal’s morphology.

Espejx S.3 by Jimena Montemayor

© Jimena Montemayor

Jimena Montemayor’s “Espejx S.3 Mirror“: Laser-cut MDF frame & acrylic mirror is the embodiment of contemporary elegance within a maximalist home.

S.S Series, Sound System 01 by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Sound System 1 is an excessive piece that forms part of the collection SS by Lucas Muñoz. The reclaimed plywood originates from the 2018 Logroño Concéntrico Festival installation, Subterránea, which was a skate ramp that featured a sound system.

“ANDO” Mirror by Leo De Carlo

© Leo De Carlo

ANDO” is a work edited in only 8 copies. The four most popular mythological divinities for the Udruian are known as Indo, Undo, Ando, and Endo. As far as we know, they are the guardians of heart and home, each of them protects and supports a specific domestic duty.

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Maximalist style celebrates a free-spirited aesthetic with an emphasis on natural materials, vibrant colours, and eclectic patterns. At ADORNO, we curate a selection of functional art pieces that embody the essence of Maximalist style.

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