15 Maximalist Lamps To Light Up Eclectic Interiors

Defined by bold colours and eclectic patterns, maximalism is a perfect style that embraces the more-is-more mindset. ADORNO’s selection of maximalist lamps features leading independent designers around the world, ensuring that each piece is both functional, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. Discover the perfect lighting fixture to complement your unique aesthetic with our carefully curated list of the top 15 maximalist lamps full with vibrant colours, bold shapes, and unexpected materials.

Corallo by Jonathan Bocca 

"Corallo" is a maximalist chandelier with 13 light bulbs.
© Jonathan Bocca

“Corallo” is a maximalist chandelier with 13 light bulbs. Its design aims to redefine the relationship between humans and their environment, creating a symbiotic relationship where people can exchange their needs with the objects around them to form a new ecosystem.

Two-Headed Lamp Side Table by Nicholas Devlin

Two-Headed Lamp Side Table by Nicholas Devlin
© Nicholas Devlin

The “Two-Headed Lamp Side Table” features a compact side table with two integrated lamps. Designed for use with LED bulbs, this object is perfect as a unique accent piece with its futuristic shape.

Huba Lamp by SIUP Studio

Huba Lamp by SIUP Studio
© SIUP Studio

Huba” Lamp by SIUP Studio is a unique and hand-built ceramic lamp with a sleek and minimalist design. Its smooth, curved lines and simple form give it a maximalist touch that is both sophisticated and stylish.

Lampadulure in Pink by BehaghelFoiny Studio

Lampadulure in Pink by BehaghelFoiny Studio
© BehaghelFoiny Studio

“Lampadulure” is an otherworldly and maximalist lamp that is part of the “Tubulure” project. This lamp is created by starting with a flexible aluminium tube which is twisted and coated with different primers in order to create everyday furniture forms.

Floor Lamp Baile in Medium by Cultivado em Casa

© Cultivado em Casa

“Baile” is a series of maximalist lamps that draw inspiration from traditional festive costumes. Each lamp exalts joy and celebration through its vibrant colours and textures, speaking for the studio’s interest in experimenting with materials and concepts.

“ARCHAE” Pendant Lamp, N.410 by Las Ánimas

© Las Ánimas

“ARCHAE” is a lamp with a unique, handmade design that creates an illusion of suspended basaltic glass cotton. Its dreamy architectural structures are created from cubic ethereal bodies that float in space, making it a stunning addition to any modern living space.

Bubble Lamp by Teun Zwets

© Teun Zwets

The Bubble Lamp is a handmade lamp with a unique shape determined by a metal frame and created from a 2-component polyurethane. As this otherworldly lamp comes in different colours, it can both adapt to and transform your interior.

Amour Floor Lamp by Sema Topaloğlu

© Sema Topaloğlu

The Amour Floor Lamp” combines the studio’s emphasis on materiality, surface dynamics, pattern and geometry, simplicity, and handicraft with a maximalist aesthetic.

Miami Table Lamp by Brajak Vitberg

© Brajak Vitberg

The “Miami Table Lamp” by Brajak Vitberg is a colourful lamp made of plexiglass and dichroic foil. Its rainbow reflective foil creates a unique appearance in every surrounding, perfect for adding a touch of modernity and vibrancy.

Pleated Table Lamp by Joseph Algieri

© Joseph Algieri

The Pleated Table Lamp” is a one-of-a-kind lamp made of hundreds of extruded clay pieces, fired to vitrification, and finished with automotive paint. Its unique design and use of materials showcase the beauty of maximalist design.

U+II Table Lamp by Kiki Goti

© Kiki Goti

The U+II Table Lamp” is a celebration of colours and stripes, exploring the idea of visually tangible objects. Pop colours and varying stripes create a language for domestic supergraphics, an information system that aims to take over interior space.

The Jetsons by UAU Studio 

© UAU Studio

The “The Jetsons” lamp is a sculptural lamp inspired by the iconic American animated sitcom featuring the Jetson family living in a utopian future. It features vibrant colours and simple shapes, making a bold conceptual statement that a functional object can communicate abstract ideas.

Pink Moon Light by Anne Nowak 

© Anne Nowak

The Moon Light” series is a collaboration between the artist and Art Group 1103, featuring light works that create the impression of a nebula encased in an iron shell with the light source on, and a round relief resembling a distant planet when the light is off.

Boogie Tropical Lamp by Diego Faivre 

© Diego Faivre

The Boogie Tropical Lamp” brings a fun and lively energy to any space. With three lights and a playful design that seamlessly blends with indoor plants, this lamp is perfect for those who love to add a touch of whimsy and colour to their home decor.

Distruss Floor Lamp by ARCANA


The Distruss Floor Lamp is made from a wide array of unexpected materials that resembles a dancing pop star and features lights that brighten up the entire space. Given its unique shape, varied texture and colours, it exudes a maximalist energy.

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Maximalist style celebrates a free-spirited aesthetic with an emphasis on natural materials, vibrant colours, and eclectic patterns. At ADORNO, we curate a selection of functional art pieces that embody the essence of Maximalist style.

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