9 Elegant and Artistic Boho Chic Tables for 2023

With its roots in a free-spirited and artistic movement, the Boho chic style continues to inspire artists, designers, and interior enthusiasts worldwide. Boho chic has become a prominent trend in 2023 with its eclectic and relaxed aesthetic that encapsulates a carefree attitude and highlights the importance of natural materials. Discover our collection of 9 unique Boho chic tables that effortlessly blend style and comfort, perfect for embracing the Bohemian flair.

Rose Gea Table by Martina Guandalini

Rose Gea Table by Martina Guandalini
© Martina Guandalini

The Boho chic “Rose Gea Table” is entirely handmade, so each piece will always be unique. It can be customized in many different colours. The shades of colors will match, while the texture will always vary in each item, creating a unique object for each client.

Wishbone | Console, Vanity, Desk by STACKLAB

Wishbone | Console, Vanity, Desk by STACKLAB

STACKLAB’s signature cast-metal desk marks the firm’s first foray into iterative, digital prototyping, a technique that surpasses physical testing in its ability to optimize form and significantly reduce waste.

Wooden Side Table by Project 213A

Wooden Side Table by Project 213A
© Project 213A

This Boho chic sculptural side table is hand carved by local artisans in northern Portugal using solid wood. Available in natural or darker brown finishes.

‘Mould’ Side Table by Theodora Alfredsdottir

'Mould' Ceramic Side Table
© Theodora Alfredsdottir

A collection of Boho chic side tables that explore the possibility of using a single mould to produce unique objects. With a stackable mould, the project studies if achieving uniqueness within a standardised process can add value to the outcome.

Side Tables by Stanzanumerotre

© Stanzanumerotre

As a cobblestone is smoothed by the flowing water of a river over the years, these Boho chic side tables are the effect of a long time sanding. The main shape comes from a coil building of semi-refractory white clay and terracotta, then gently sculpted to obtain the “nearly” neat surface.

Alentejo Coffee Table by Project 213A

© Project 213A

This coffee table has an organic and symmetrically shaped table top made from locally sourced travertine stone. The table stands on four wooden legs, each hand carved from solid chestnut wood.

TRN Table 3 by Pani Jurek

Boho Chic
© Pani Jurek

The TRN Table 3 is hand-crafted in selected solid ash wood with traditional cabinet-making techniques. The wood is stained and covered with natural wax.

“foll[i]” by BORGI BASTORMAGI 


foll [i] is sculpted with basic lines and geometric forms. The stone base can be selected in green, black, or white marble and the metal is available in black steel or brass.

Vinicius Color by Pepa Reverter

Boho Chic Style
© Pepa Reverter

Vinicius is a side table that is made of ceramic. The formal qualities are inspired by the rhythms of the famous Brazilian music of the same name.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Boho Chic pieces that capture timeless elegance, cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality. Each item is chosen for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era, pushing the boundaries of what is considered classic.

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