ADORNO Designers at Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 offers a unique opportunity to witness an array of designers featured on ADORNO, presenting their stunning designs across various disciplines throughout the city. From eco-friendly innovations to bold ceramics and radical lighting, these creators promise to make a lasting impression with their groundbreaking ideas, demonstrating why ADORNO takes great pride in collaborating with them.

As Milan transforms into one of the most anticipated design wonderlands of the year, ADORNO’s affiliated designers will not only be featured at ALCOVA, where the exhibition, Animism, will be unveiled, but also at numerous other exhibitions, shows and galleries across the city, including the renowned and innovative Isola. Read on to catch a glimpse of some of the ADORNO-affiliated designers who will be presenting their extraordinary talent this Milan Design Week.

Isabel Moncada

Through her dedicated exploration and implementation of ancient techniques of artisan manufacturing, Isabel Moncada has developed an array of crafts, invented mechanisms, and transformed materials to elevate the performance, quality, and design of her pieces.

Her lighting fixtures feature Mid Century Modern and Art Deco style with traditional craftsmanship, utilizing unique materials such as bronze and blown glass to achieve a standard of excellence unmatched in the industry. Embodying a unique approach that combines art, engineering, mechanics, and 3D modeling, Moncada’s creations stand as timeless reflections of her passion and dedication to her craft.

Isabel Moncada will be featured in Animism.

Dace Sūna

Dace Sūna, a designer of space and light, defies gender stereotypes through her work, embracing both physicality and sensitivity. Her journey across global metropolises has fostered an adventurous and adaptable spirit, which is evident in her multidisciplinary approach to design.

Dace’s work with glass and light transcends the material world, offering experiences that are both ephemeral and spiritual. Her commitment to experimentation, rapid decision-making, and continuous learning exemplifies her dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and seeking magic at the intersection of materials and practice.

Dace Sūna will be presenting at Isola.

Pani Jurek

Pani Jurek, founded by artist and designer Magda Jurek, embodies a conceptual approach to design rooted in her background in painting. Her aim is to create products that defy convention, offering versatility and sparking creativity. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Jurek advocates for responsible design practices.

Additionally, she co-founded the Association “Based in Warsaw,” dedicated to promoting social design and enhancing public spaces through innovative design solutions. Her designs are characterized by a whimsicalmaximalist, and exuberant touch, infusing spaces with personality and playfulness.

Pani Jurek will be featured in Animism.

Andrei Clontea STUDIO

A self-taught artist transitioning from architecture to ceramics, Andrei Clontea creates sculptural forms inspired by nature, animals, and the human body. His work, characterized by organic shapes and earthy textures, showcases a balance between rawness and refinement. Clontea’s architectural background influences his approach, integrating structure, texture, and light into his ceramic pieces.

Clontea’s work represents a fusion of the natural world with architectural elements, a combination that is increasingly sought after in contemporary design. His approach, translating natural and architectural inspirations into ceramic forms, is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of ceramics as a medium for artistic expression.

Andrei Clontea STUDIO will be presenting at Isola.

Yiannis Vogdanis & BinaryCeramics

Multidisciplinary artist Yiannis Vogdanis, based in Athens, focuses on the intersection of craft, design, and science. His work materializes the subtle beauty encountered in his research, exploring the limits of digital fabrication and creative programming. Vogdanis’ global experiences enrich his artistic exploration.

Vogdanis’ exploration of digital fabrication and creative programming in ceramics is at the cutting edge of contemporary ceramic art. His approach represents a growing trend where technology and traditional craftsmanship converge, expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved in ceramic art.

Yiannis Vogganis will be featured in Animism.

Project 213A presenting at Milan Design Week 2024

Project 213A

Project 213A, established in 2020 by four friends with a shared design ethos, officially launched in September 2021. Their mission is to create timeless furniture and home accessories that embody modernity while championing sustainability.

Infusing their designs with the essence of their mission and passion, their creations enliven the spaces they inhabit with a vibrant energy and soulfulness. Each item is carefully crafted in handpicked Portuguese factories and family-run workshops, underscoring their dedication to responsible manufacturing and waste minimization.

Project 213A will be featured in Animism.

Lilli Malou Weinhold

Lilli Malou, a German artist and designer based in Düsseldorf, finds her passion in handmade design, craftwork, and the exploration of new materials. Viewing design as a playful and subtle means of sparking meaningful dialogues, she embraces an interdisciplinary approach by immersing herself in various disciplines and workshops.

Her recent collection, “Dig In,” beautifully embodies the concept of animism, where traditional eating utensils are reimagined to foster a deeper connection between the user, the utensil, and the food, encouraging a more complete engagement with the act of eating.

Lilli Malou will be featured in Animism.

Worn Studio

Worn Studio, based in Spain, specializes in furniture and product design. Founder and designer Natalia Ortega focuses on objects, furniture, and lighting.

Her creations, made from materials like clay, wood, wicker, wool, embroidery, stone, forge, leather, and blown glass, emphasize slowness, intention, and respect for natural resources. Through contemporary designs, Natalia raises awareness of our connection to both the environment and inanimate objects.

Worn Studio will be featured in Animism.

Edoardo Lietti

Based in Denmark, Edoardo Lietti stands out as a versatile designer, celebrated for his ingenuity and woodworking prowess. Infusing a dash of Bauhaus inspiration into his lampstables, and chairs, his designs merge a modular, adaptable essence with a whimsical touch. It is Lietti’s subtle, humorous touch that sets his work apart, infusing a lively spirit into his otherwise minimalist, historically-rooted approach. Through his artistry, Lietti not only pays homage to history but also breathes new life into it, instilling it with a sense of joy and spontaneity.

Edoardo Lietti will be featured in Animism.

Sticky Glass

Grace Whiteside of Sticky Glass is an interdisciplinary glass and performance artist whose unique perspective delves into the materiality of glass. They are drawn to glass for its transitory characteristics, seeing it as an amorphous solid that reflects their fluid identity.

Celebrating glass’s imperfections, Whiteside creates designs that embrace its goopy, tacky, and bubbly qualities. Their work challenges heteronormative architecture and design, fostering inclusivity for free-thinking individuals. With skills in navigating social dynamics and allowing glass to speak for itself, Sticky Glass explores the boundaries of glass as a medium while engaging in a broader dialogue about identity and materiality.

Sticky Glass will be featured in Animism.

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