"SEITIKKI" light

Explore the Top 10 Contemporary Conceptual Lighting Designs

The world of Conceptual design continues to inspire artists, architects, and designers globally, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Embracing this ethos, we present our curation of 10 unique conceptual lights. Each luminary masterpiece showcases visionary ingenuity, provoking thought and illuminating spaces with captivating brilliance. Experience the harmonious fusion of artistic expression and functional design as we showcase conceptual lights that redefine the concept of illumination in 2023.

empathy by rlon

© rlon

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes. Just to find out that we actually have the same weight.

The Ancestors – Nightjar – Bird of Night by UAU

The Ancestors – Nightjar – Bird of Night by UAU

The Ancestors – A limited edition light collection, each embodying a unique “goddess” look-alike sculpture meant to be viewed from every single angle.



“ÄTHER” addresses the ideas of the object, of collecting, storing and preserving, as inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the Italian Renaissance.

“Off-grid” Lamp by Klemens Schillinger

"Off-grid" Lamp
© Klemens Schillinger

As the name suggests, the Conceptual “Off-Grid” lamps are not connected to the power grid. Instead, a hand-operated crank or a foot pedal charges a generator and allows the user to produce their own energy with physical exercise.

Yacaman Floor Lamp by Paola Jose

© Paola Jose

The “Yacaman Floor” is part of the Yacaman collection, the first series of luminaires designed by Paola Jose. The project has a personal and profound meaning: It is a tribute to her father and grandfather, both doctors, brilliant, and both departed.

“SEITIKKI” Light by Antrei Hartikainen

"SEITIKKI" light
© Antrei Hartikainen

SEITIKKI, meaning a webcap mushroom, is a study of light in a space and as a sculpture. It is moody, dramatic and rambling. At the same time, light glowing from various sources is like a mist hovering over a field.

TALAR Floor Lamp by SCATTER ◆ D

TALAR Floor Lamp by SCATTER ◆ D

Lighting pieces in glass and metal, which redefines the artisanal tradition of glassblowing and the contemporary technique, inspired by Venice’s cultural contaminations: Talar is a journey to the East.


Less Lamp

Less Lamp is a sealed light shade that needs to be broken in order to release the light trapped within. The user decides the appearance and position of the holes depending on how much light is required and where it is to be directed. But beware; once it is done there is no going back.

B.A.R.E Series, ‘Single Curved’ Lamp by Lucas Muñoz

© Lucas Muñoz

B.A.R.E ‘Single Curved’ Lamp is a piece that forms part of the series Brick, Appliances, Rods and Electricity (B.A.R.E).

Message in a Driver – Transparent Version. by As A Ceremony

© As A Ceremony

Message in a Driver – transparent diffused version, is a custom-made suspended lamp produced in a limited edition of 3. It consists of a round milky PMMA diffuser and a transparent acrylic cylindrical pendulum in which the driver and cabling are housed.

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