The Ancestors – Nightjar – Bird of Night Floor Lamp
by UAU Studio Romania

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The Ancestors – A limited edition light collection, each embodying a unique “goddess” look-alike sculpture meant to be viewed from every single angle.
The series was put together as a collaborative project with weaver Denise Berekmeri.
This meticulously crafted light collection was made over the course of a two-year-old research, in which raw materials such as clay, metal, and wicker were considered to be the main drive of inspiration.
It was not only their durability and materiality that has been sought and put into question, but also their way of preserving in time without any additional coating that may help expand their lifetime.
Materials that would somehow “age” with time were used in order to create a more natural approach to their raw form even after processing them in various ways. Using old techniques such as clay coiling, multiple cylinder-like shapes were placed on top of one another to create three stand-alone totemic sculptures. Light and rattan weaving play a focal point in these shapes, each reminding of a somehow mythical being of the past, a so-called Ancestor.
Thulani – the quiet one, Nightjar – bird of night, and Badru – born on a full moon.

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UAU Studio embodies an instinctual approach to ceramic design, where the artisan's touch is imbued into every creation. Established in Romania by visionary artist Vanessa Singenzia, the studio's journey through the boundless potential of ceramic materials has culminated in an unmistakable design ethos. At the heart of UAU's design philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. This dedication is woven into the fabric of our process, yielding not only functional pieces but also sculptural and conceptual artworks. Each creation is a testament to the fusion of form and function, where artistry serves utility. This philosophy has naturally led us to embrace a more intimate and bespoke path. UAU Studio elects to focus solely on limited edition objects, a choice that reflects our desire for a profound connection between the artist, the creation, and its beholder. This intentional approach ensures that every piece retains its uniqueness and allure, becoming a testament to the harmonious marriage of imagination and craftsmanship.
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