ADORNO Designers at Isola this Milan Design Week 2024

This year, Isola Design Festival, will open to the public during Milan Design Week, presenting under the theme: “This Future is Currently Unavailable”. This enigmatic theme is a call to reflection and action and an invitation to envision a future where design serves as a potent force for addressing real-world challenges.

To advance this vision, designers were encouraged to embrace experimentation, collaborate across diverse fields, and innovate solutions that prioritize the collective impact of sustainable design on the planet and humanity. Isola Design Festival 2024 seeks to promote a integrative approach by uniting creatives from diverse backgrounds, thus exploring the industry’s boundless potential.

By featuring forward-thinking proposals that encompass innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship, Isola endeavors to exhibit a diverse array of perspectives and ideas, shaping a promising future for the design industry. Below are 6 designers whom ADORNO proudly showcases, presenting at Isola.

Andrei Clontea STUDIO

A self-taught artist transitioning from architecture to ceramics, Andrei Clontea creates sculptural forms inspired by nature, animals, and the human body. His work, characterized by organic shapes and earthy textures, showcases a balance between rawness and refinement. Clontea’s architectural background influences his approach, integrating structure, texture, and light into his ceramic pieces.

Clontea’s work represents a fusion of the natural world with architectural elements, a combination that is increasingly sought after in contemporary design. His approach, translating natural and architectural inspirations into ceramic forms, is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of ceramics as a medium for artistic expression.

Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú – Polen Ceramic

Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú leads Polen Ceramic Studio, where contemporary functional design meets the ethereal essence of Peru’s cultural heritage. Drawing inspiration from pre-Columbian themes and local techniques, their creations are a narrative of Peru’s rich cultural identity. The studio also engages in educational and collaborative initiatives, enriching their artistic inquiry.

At Polen Ceramic, the blend of contemporary functional design with ancient cultural heritage is a significant contribution to the modern ceramics landscape. This fusion is reflective of a broader trend where artists are revisiting traditional techniques and themes, reinventing them in a contemporary context. Their educational and collaborative efforts underscore the importance of community and cultural exchange in contemporary art practices.

Dace Sūna

Dace Sūna, a designer of space and light, defies gender stereotypes through her work, embracing both physicality and sensitivity. Her journey across global metropolises has fostered an adventurous and adaptable spirit, which is evident in her multidisciplinary approach to design.

Dace’s work with glass and light transcends the material world, offering experiences that are both ephemeral and spiritual. Her commitment to experimentation, rapid decision-making, and continuous learning exemplifies her dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and seeking magic at the intersection of materials and practice.

Julia Chiaramonti

Julia Chiaramonti, a Franco-Italian designer born in Paris, embarked on her creative journey after studying at the Camondo Interior Design School in her hometown. While initially pursuing a career in interior design, she naturally gravitated back to her first love: design. Infused with ambition and influenced by her Italian heritage, Julia designs objects characterized by clean, minimalist lines and prestigious materials such as stainless steel and marble, reflecting her cultural background and design ethos.

Yiannis Vogdanis & BinaryCeramics

Multidisciplinary artist Yiannis Vogdanis, based in Athens, focuses on the intersection of craft, design, and science. His work materializes the subtle beauty encountered in his research, exploring the limits of digital fabrication and creative programming. Vogdanis’ global experiences enrich his artistic exploration.

Vogdanis’ exploration of digital fabrication and creative programming in ceramics is at the cutting edge of contemporary ceramic art. His approach represents a growing trend where technology and traditional craftsmanship converge, expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved in ceramic art.

OHM studio studio

OHM studio studio embodies the collaborative efforts of two dedicated brothers, united in their passion for designing and crafting furniture. Operating as a self-publishing entity, the studio is committed to maintaining an artisanal approach, prioritizing the preservation of craftsmanship and production excellence.

At the heart of OHM Studio’s philosophy lies a dedication to simplicity. This ethos permeates both the design process, where form follows function, and the manufacturing decisions, which prioritize the practical and economic feasibility of each piece. The incorporation of color adds an element of playfulness, lending a nostalgic charm to the furniture line.

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