10 Sophisticated Mid Century Modern Lamps and Lights for a Timeless Interior

The enduring legacy of the Mid Century Modern movement, born in the heart of the mid-20th century, continues to captivate and inspire creative minds across the globe. As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of design, the timelessness and sophistication of Mid Century Modern lighting remain unrivalled, inviting us to bask in its refined allure and embrace its harmonious fusion of style and practicality. Mid Century Modern lighting seamlessly combines form and function, making it a perfect choice for contemporary spaces in 2023. Here is a curation of 10 unique Mid Century Modern lamps and lights that exude elegance and sophistication.

Donut Sconce by Ivey Jane Holt

Donut Sconce by Ivey Jane Holt
© Ivey Jane Holt

A wonky donut shape with a pull chain dimmer and matte black recycled glass tiles meet in this lighting object by Ivey Jane Holt, making it perfectly imperfect.

Art Deco Pendant lamp with Weight by Szostak Atelier 

Art Deco Pendant lamp with Weight by Szostak Atelier 
©Szostak Atelier

An Art Deco-inspired lamp that is made of stainless steel elements and a clear glass shade. The glass shade is mounted in the metal basket by squeezing three metal elements.

Signatures Lumineuses by Melissa Mariller

Signatures Lumineuses by Melissa Mariller
© Melissa Mariller

This Mid Century Modern lamp by Melissa Mariller is part of a series of three lamps resulting from an interpretation of various environments around cars. It combines the checkerboard present in car races and led strips from car tuning customs.

Junius Lamp by Arvo Ray Studio

Junius Lamp by Arvo Ray Studio
© Arvo Ray Studio

The Junius lamp makes a bold statement with its geometric stacked elements that appear to float above one another. This lamp has a lacquered steel shade and body, brass hardware, and a felt base. Inside the shade, a surprise of hand-gilded genuine silver leaf reflects and amplifies the light emitting from the lamp.

“LAYERS OF….” Stoneware Lamp II by Evelina Kudabaite

“LAYERS OF….” Stoneware Lamp II by Evelina Kudabaite
© Evelina Kudabaite

This Mid Century Modern sculptural lighting piece continues the exploration of industrial structures and architectural elements that surround us. These multi-layered objects were constructed in a spontaneous way by assembling hand-thrown stoneware semi-cylinders as if playing with building blocks.

Taco de Luz – Brass by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

©Studio Aristotelis Barakos

A whimsical wall light that is characterised by an appealing simplicity and functions as a delicious source of smooth ambient lighting, thanks to its particular shape.

Green Moon Light by Anne Nowak

© Anne Nowak

These lights are produced in Denmark and are unique and handmade. Moon Light is mounted directly on the wall and is made of aluminium which is hand-painted by Anne Nowak.

Théros 0.1 by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

© Studio Aristotelis Barakos

“Théros” is a Mid Century Modern tabletop lamp — a poetic design gesture that combines a clean-cut, balanced form with a personal, heartfelt story.

“The Queen” Double Lamp by Ieva Kaleja

© Ieva Kaleja

A hand-made lamp from natural, exclusive materials. The exterior of “The Queen” lamp is made from corroding steel, while the inside of the lamp is covered with 23.75 carat gold plate. Its clean lines and simplicity characterize the contemporary design of the lamp shape.

Rfc+01, Suspended Blown Glass Lamp by MAYICE

Mid Century Modern

The Rfc collection consists of thirteen hanging blown glass lamps designed for the Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja, made from twenty-two moulds selected from the factory’s extraordinary collection of 4500.

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