Metal Lamps: Sparks Fly with Industrial Elegance

Metal Lamps epitomize industrial elegance, casting light and shadow in modern spaces with a blend of functionality and style. These lighting fixtures, crafted from versatile metal, span a range of aesthetics from the bold, sculptural lines of Brutalism to the ornate, luxurious motifs of Art Deco, and the vibrant, eclectic nature of Maximalism. Each metal lamp stands as a unique, beautiful, and original piece, often incorporating a rustic yet refined touch to any interior.

Steel Arm Sconce Metal Lamps by Szostak Atelier

Steel Arm Sconce Metal Lamps by Szostak Atelier
©Szostak Atelier

This sculptural piece features a 2-meter-long arm crafted from premium stainless steel, showcasing elements of Neo Industrial design.

Bird of Prey Ceiling Lamps by Atelier Haute Cuisine

Discover the elegance of this Pendant Light, crafted from a Bronze plate in a sleek predatory bird silhouette. The traversing light casts a warm glow, emphasizing form and invoking a tranquil, sunset ambiance.

Coy Brutalist Table Lamps by Stem

Brutalist Metal Table Lamps Made From Aluminum

The interplay of light and shadow caused by soft depressions enhances Coy’s modest character. Aluminium is left bare in its natural finish, bringing in a renewed sense of energy in space.

Vertical Fractal Helium Chandelier by Dace Sūna

Neo Industrial Ceiling Lamps Made from Metal
©Dace Sūna

Custom-made Helium Fractal Chandelier with a powder-coated metal canopy. The light emits helium gas through bent translucent glass tubing.

BOURRELET lamps by Helder Barbosa

BOURRELET lamps by Helder Barbosa
©Helder Barbosa

Bourrelet is a ceramic lamp shaped with soft and generous curves.

Átomo Table Lamp by Isabel Moncada

Golden Metal Art Deco Table Lamps
© Isabel Moncada

ÁTOMO table lamp was designed for the Atomic collection by Mexican artist Isabel Moncada.

O.F.I.S Series – Pipe, Rod and Brick Table Lamp by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This ‘Pipe, Rod and Brick’ tubular steel table lamp forms part of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space) by Lucas Muñoz, an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative.

Taco de Luz Satin Brass by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

Metal Ceiling Lamp Design
©Studio Aristotelis Barakos

Bauhaus Taco de Luz Grande features a fully dimmable LED tube bulb and is available in two finishes: brushed bronze and black patinated brass.

Zinc Floor Lamp Curva by Cultivado em Casa

Zinc Floor Lamp Curva by Cultivado em Casa
©Cultivado em Casa

A common item in steel houses, the 180º curve is the starting point for the development of the collection. Using this element of industrial origin and organic format, we seek to create affable pieces, which transmit softness incorporated into the rawness of the material.

ÄTHER Metal Lamps  by BUSRA TUNC


ÄTHER” addresses the ideas of the object, of collecting, storing and preserving, as inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the Italian Renaissance

“CASELLA” table lamp, white by Yves Pauwels

"CASELLA" table lamp, white
©Yves Pauwels

This table light’s name, “Casella,” refers to the skyscrapers that pop up in cities all over the world. Made from metal cut into different pieces and welded together afterwards, this sleek, original object is build like a contemporary skyscraper, with its floating terraces and airy joints.

Mantis 13-piece Lighting Fixture by Isabel Moncada

Lighting Fixtures Made From Metal
©Isabel Moncada

Body of cast bronze, blown glass globes and turned brass fittings.

Mundane & Everyday Metal Lamps  by Eyjolfsson

Mundane & Everyday
© Eyjolfsson

This lamp is a thought experiment on the seemingly strangle hierarchical division between objects in our homes, ornament and function

Ishtar Metal Lamps by Federico Fontanella Studio

Ishtar Lamp by Federico Fontanella Studio
©Federico Fontanella Studio

The “Ishtar” lamp draws inspiration from the ancient architecture of Babylon. Its metal structure is cut by a beam of light that creates accent lighting and diffused lighting in the room.

Distruss Floor Metal Lamps by ARCANA

Distruss Floor Metal Lamps by ARCANA

The Distruss Floor Lamp is made from a wide array of unexpected materials that resembles a dancing pop star and features lights that brighten up the entire space. Given its unique shape, varied texture and colours, it exudes a maximalist energy.

T–Lamp*S by Studio Kuhlmann

T–Lamp*S by Studio Kuhlmann
©Studio Kuhlmann

T–LAMP*S” is the smaller version of *T–LAMPLS” and part of the “Shades of Stainless Steel” series. A study on metal pipes, which allows the viewer to play with his perception. Each lamp is handmade and polished at Studio Kuhlmann based in Cologne, Germany.

Lens Luminaire: Single Lens Table Lamp by Object Density

Lens Luminaire: Single Lens Table Lamp by Object Density
©Object Density

By drawing upon cultural narrative and considered materiality, the Minimalist lamps reflect how the interplay of past and present may shape our future. A future in which ‘waste’ material can be recontextualized and imbued with renewed social and economic value.

Jewel Light 6 by Koen Van Guijze

Jewel Light 6 by Koen Van Guijze
©Koen Van Guijze

Small geometrical shapes, turned in gold. Like art, light objects can give warmth and inspiration. Koen has creates several light objects that give comfort for the soul.

Hero Lamp Stainless Steel Sculptural Lamp by Panorammma Atelier

Hero Lamp Stainless Steel Sculptural Lamp by Panorammma Atelier
©Panorammma Atelier

The Hero Lamp’s structure is virtuously crafted in stainless steel and holds a lightly tinted acrylic globe that gives off a warm candle-like light.

B.A.R.E Series, ‘Tall’ Floor Metal Lamps  by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

B.A.R.E Series, ‘Tall’ Floor Lamp by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz
© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

B.A.R.E ‘Tall’ Floor Lamp is a piece that forms part of the series Brick, Appliances, Rods and Electricity (B.A.R.E). This collection of lamps is produced with bricks or tiles on the bases, from which iron rod structures and electric quick connectors grow to bring the light to the lamp.

Waving Wall Lamp by Melissa Mariller

Waving Wall Lamp by Melissa Mariller
©  Melissa Mariller

Waving Wall lamp by Melissa Mariller is a series of two wall sconces interpreting the undulating heat of a flame combined with vegetal curves. There are two models available.

ARMILLA 06 Chandelier by SCATTER ◆ D

ARMILLA 06 Chandelier by SCATTER ◆ D

ARMILLA is a catalyst of glances, a luminous divertissement. The Art Deco light is soft and warm, for reading a book or having dinner with someone. The barrels are made of brass, striped, graceful.

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Opting for a metal lamp is more than just a choice of illumination; it’s about incorporating a piece of art that complements and enhances the aesthetic of a space. Whether in minimalist urban lofts or eclectic studios, these lamps offer both practical lighting solutions and a statement of artistic expression.

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