18 Distinctive Neo Industrial Lights and Lamps For a Raw and Modern Interior

The Neo Industrial design movement embraces the spirit of contemporary innovation, merging raw industrial aesthetics with modern functionality. Discover our curated collection of 18 unique Neo Industrial lights and lamps that redefine lighting design, showcasing bold forms, unconventional materials, and a dynamic blend of vintage and modern influences for the year 2023.

Bird of Prey by Atelier Haute Cuisine

Bird of Prey by Atelier Haute Cuisine
© Atelier Haute Cuisine

A pendant Neo Industrial light formed out of a bronze plate that suggests the simplified shape of a predatory bird.

Galileo 2.2 by Studio Edoardo Lietti 

Galileo 2.2 by Studio Edoardo Lietti 
© Studio Edoardo Lietti

This Neo Industrial lamp is inspired by the great scientist Galileo Galilei, which is made from white pigmented concrete, natural pigments stained on birch plywood, and polished stainless steel.



Inspired by Venice’s cultural contaminations: TALAR Floor Lamp by SCATTER D is a journey to the East.

Lattice – Skyscraper Floor Lamp by Studio Yellowdot

Lattice – Skyscraper Floor Lamp  by Studio Yellowdot
© Studio Yellowdot

Inspired by the futuristic backdrop of skyscrapers AND neon billboards of Hong Kong, the ‘Lattice’ floor lamps are sculptural floor lamps created using a 3D latticing technique unique to additive manufacturing technology.

Stainless Steel Lamp by Szostak Atelier 

Stainless Steel Lamp by Szostak Atelier 
© Szostak Atelier

Elevate your lighting game with this exquisite pendant lamp, meticulously crafted from premium stainless steel, including pipes, rods, and reducers.

ÄTHER TWINS by Busra Tunc

© Busra Tunc

“ÄTHER” addresses the ideas behind the object; of collecting, storing and preserving, as inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the Italian Renaissance.

Sérieuse Floor Lamp by Sema Topaloğlu

© Sema Topaloğlu

The tactile and visual relations between materials, surface dynamics, pattern and geometry, simplicity, and handicraft are some of the themes that have been important in the creation of this Neo Industrial lamp.

Table/Lamp T-010 by Nicolas Erauw 

© Nicolas Erauw

“Table/Lamp T-010” is part of a collection that experiments with lost-wax casting and wax-dipping.

Yacaman Table Lamp by Paola Jose

© Paola Jose

The Neo Industrial “Yacaman Table Lamp” is part of the Yacaman collection, the first series of luminaires designed by Paola Jose.

Fold Table Light by Akademie 

© Akademie 

The Fold Table Light illuminates from within and through its reflections. As the self-appointed purpose was to create a lighting element with a unique form, this lamp is the outcome of experimentation on the subject, which consists of constructing physical models. It is a statement Neo Industrial piece with a timeless appearance.

Trapeze by Koen Van Guijze

© Koen Van Guijze

Like art, lighting objects can give warmth and inspiration. Van Guijze has created several lamps that give comfort to the soul.

shippingshade by Martynas Kazimierėnas

© Martynas Kazimierėnas 

The design of “shippingshade” is made to be accepted by the general rules of postal shipping companies. The outer layer of the lamp resembles a cardboard shipping box – so that the lamp itself becomes the packaging as well as the lampshade itself.

Sokslet by Kateriin Rikken 

© Kateriin Rikken

Sokslet is a small Neo Industrial edition lampshade, that acts as an illuminated glass sculpture. The design is unique and driven by the found object, with the overall design built around it. 

Light Bucket Challenge II by Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė

Light Bucket Challenge II
© Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė

Unique, functional light created from an old bucket and radiator details. The object is embroidered with cotton thread directly through the metal.

Light Composition by Radu Abraham

Neo Industrial
© Radu Abraham

This work comes as a result of an exploration of form prior to function. With a stronger focus on form, the function becomes suggested by it. This way the life of the object extends, opening the possibility of multiple usages.

Moon Floor Lamp by Samuel Accoceberry

© Samuel Accoceberry

The Neo Industrial “Moon” floor lamp is balanced in space and refined to its worked ends which gives it bright and colourful reflections.

“BRAVÉ” Étirée Pendant Lamp by Las Ánimas

© Las Ánimas

The phonetic transcription of “bravais” into the Spanish language, “BRAVÉ”, suggests courage and bravery. The combination of warm and soft materials with led light tubes showcases this challenge. A blend of past and present, retro-futuristic design.

Mundane & Everyday by Eyjolfsson

Mundane & Everyday
© Eyjolfsson

This lamp is a thought experiment on the seemingly strangle hierarchical division between objects in our homes, ornament and function

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