Scandinavian Designers: Who to Watch

As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere remain enveloped in winter’s grasp, the essence of Scandinavia beckons with its design philosophy, offering warmth and comfort amidst the cold. Step into the world of Scandinavian modern design, where simplicity reigns supreme, and functionality meets beauty. Clean lines and spacious interiors define this minimalist aesthetic, stripping away the unnecessary to highlight the essential elements of every piece.

Neutral tones like bright whites, black, and tan dominate, with subtle pops of color adding vibrancy. Pastel pinks, blues, and earthy hues inspired by nature bring warmth to the space. Organic materials like wood, cotton, and wool take center stage, echoing the Scandinavian reverence for nature, while sleek metals add a touch of modern sophistication. Playful ceramics inject whimsy and character, balancing the sleekness with refreshing charm. Amidst its serene ambiance and effortlessly sleek aesthetic, Scandinavian design maintains an irresistible allure, captivating enthusiasts worldwide.

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Edoardo Lietti Studio, Scandinavian Designs from Denmark

Based in Denmark, Edoardo Lietti stands out as a versatile designer, celebrated for his ingenuity and woodworking prowess. Infusing a dash of Bauhaus inspiration into his lamps, tables, and chairs, his designs merge a modular, adaptable essence with a whimsical touch.

Kajsa Melchior, Designs from Sweden

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Kajsa Melchior is a designer and sculptor who blurs the lines between furniture and sculpture, fact and fiction. Ultimately, her biomaterial creations explore concepts of development and erosion, evoking elements of radical, biophilic, and coastal design.

Kim Thomé, Scandinavian Designs from Norway

Kim Thomé, based in London and Oslo, creates captivating installations and innovative product designs. Blending art and design, his work features colors and shapes that evoke a space-age element, from multistory kaleidoscopic installations to intimate series of colored glass vases.

Anne Nowak, Designs from Denmark

Anne Nowak, located in Frederiksberg, Denmark, explores life’s transitions through her eclectic, maximalist artistry. Inspired by personal memories, cosmos, nature, and spiritual mythology, she delves into themes of impermanence and eternity. As a result, her work carries a space-age spirit, reflecting the ever-changing nature of existence.

Olle Sahlqvist, Scandinavian Designs from Sweden

Based in Stockholm, Olle Sahlqvist tackles the pressing issue of the climate crisis. He advocates for a deeper connection with nature in order to foster empathy towards it. His radical designs, characterized by rustic, and biophilic elements aim to evoke a stronger relationship with natural materials, emphasizing the importance of nature’s well-being.

Eyvind Solli, Designs from Norway

Eyvind Solli, based in Oslo, brings a diverse background as a sheet metal worker and welder to his artistic practice. He explores shape, volume, and size through installations in wood and sculptures in metal and ceramics. Utilizing natural clay colors and textures, his pieces exude elements of radical minimalism and biophilia, while also evoking a coastal aesthetic.

Signe Fensholt, Scandinavian Designs from Denmark

Based in Copenhagen, ceramic artist Signé Fensholt embraces the transformative nature of ceramic materials, allowing the kiln’s natural forces to shape her creations. She directs the conceptual process, resulting in pieces that blend the gentleness of coastal design with the weightiness of brutalism, defying their apparent contrast.

John Nordenstein, Designs from Sweden

John Nordenstein, based in Stockholm, evokes whimsy and creativity, manipulating textures and dimensions like natural phenomena. Inspired by the contrasts of nature and industry, he experiments with epoxy, foam, plastic, and paint, creating pieces that complement maximalist decor with their sculptural quality.

studio YOLK, Designs from Denmark

Studio YOLK, a dynamic family-based art and design space, features eclectic creations inspired by diverse backgrounds in product and furniture design, visual communication, and fine art. Their colorful, maximalist pieces are often one-of-a-kind, reflecting a collaborative approach and drawing from a variety of materials.

Ebba Lindgren, Designs from Sweden

Based in Malmö, Ebba Lindgren’s design practice is artistic, conceptual, and radical. By allowing big ideas to permeate even the smallest contexts, Lindgren’s approach to design is characterized by intelligence, desire, and unconventionality.

Jeanett Knipschildt, Scandinavian Designs from Denmark

Based in Copenhagen, Jeanett Knipschildt blends her design expertise with hand weaving, crafting sustainable wool artworks with acoustic properties. Her handwoven artworks feature rustic and boho chic elements, emphasizing texture for an inviting touch.

Thomas Gayet, Designs from Copenhagen

Based in Copenhagen, Thomas Gayet specializes in furniture design and crafting, particularly drawn to working with aluminum and stainless steel. His creations embrace elements of neo-industrial, brutalism, and radical minimalism, resulting in sleek and innovative pieces.

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Scandinavian design emerges as a fusion of functionality and beauty, with a diverse range of materials like wood, metal, and ceramics shaping its identity. Influenced by elements of nature, industrial aesthetics, and avant-garde movements like brutalism and minimalism, these designers craft pieces that evoke both serenity and boldness in equal measure.

Discover the next generation of design talent and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of GREENHOUSE: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024, where emerging designers from around the world converge to showcase their groundbreaking creations.

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