12 Timeless Neo Industrial Seats

The Neo Industrial movement serves as a global muse for artists, architects, and designers, igniting creativity across diverse disciplines. By merging raw materials, utilitarian forms, and contemporary aesthetics, Neo Industrial design fearlessly challenges established boundaries. Today, it’s profound influence resonates in various creative spheres, including furniture design. Immerse yourself in our meticulously selected assortment of 12 exceptional Neo Industrial seats for 2023.

REINA Neo Industrial Seat by Studio Mohs

The sculptural and graceful chair Reina carries its strong lines and elegance like a queen which means its name. The back and seating area is made from black stained wood veneer and legs with black metal tubes.

Double Vision (DV) Chair by Studio S II LLC

Inspired by a myriad of indulgent nights, this chair is meant to share the feeling and effect of “double vision,” the phenomenon of perceiving two images, usually overlapping, as one holistic object.

Relatively Comfy Armchair by Thomas Gayet

Relatively Comfy Armchair is showcasing simple yet sturdy bolted assemblies of 12mm squared cuts of aluminium plates. The cuts are organized empirically until the piece reveals itself.

EP01, The Eindhoven Project by Lauren Goodman

EP01, The Eindhoven Project by Lauren Goodman
© Lauren Goodman

EP01 is the first piece in the collection designed from a discarded HVAC grate and an old closet organizer salvaged .This piece is made entirely from salvaged materials foraged for in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands and a spray finish has been applied.

Roadster Armchair with Footstool by Szostak Atelier

Roadster Armchair with Footstool by Szostak Atelier
© Szostak Atelier

The Seat is completely handmade of thick wenge planks joined tongue-and-groove. Chair legs are made of stainless steel bars with an adjustable seat inclination angle to suit your needs.

Angular Neo Industrial Chair by Kasper Kyster Iversen

Angular Neo Industrial Chair by Kasper Kyster Iversen
©Kasper Kyster Iversen

The Angular chair by Kasper Kyster Iversen is part of the designers Master Collection. The Master Collection was the outcome of an intuition based method to create new ideas.The Angular chair is made of 100% aluminum.

Look Ahead by Carl Hultin

© Carl Hultin

The blue and red design is a “regular” type of chair with 3 feet. The work presented here is an eclectic result of Afropean roots, an interpretation of furniture with a new point of view. The whole process of creating the chair is centred around craftsmanship and upcycling.

bb chair by CORPUS STUDIO

The basic structural form – a simple wheel forged from aluminium – is divided, repeated, and assembled in a poetic manner to make a chair that is aesthetically striking and surprisingly comfortable.

Institution Chair by Panorammma Atelier

© Panorammma Atelier

The Institution Chair’s smoothly finished lamb leather seat subtly winks at clinical Neo Industrial aesthetics. The seat suspends from chromed steel rings that hang onto an elegant and minimalistic structure.

“Balik” Bench by BISKT Studio

© BISKT Studio

By the materials that compose it, the “Balik” Bench is, in essence, both fragile and robust. In this reinterpretation of the seat, Studio Biskt realizes a metal base that, like two river banks, would be linked by an extruded clay junction.

O.F.I.S Series, Tubular Armchair by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This Tubular Steel Armchair forms part of the Series O.F.I.S, an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative. Muñoz designed this tubular armchair as an exploration of the structural potential of different industrial components.

NoAr stool by Carol Gay

© Carol Gay

The tressed NoAr stool is an extension of the work that Carol has been developing with recycled rubber from the tyre industry called “air-bladder tyre-rubber”.

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