Top 10 Space Age Lights For A Timeless Home

Amidst hopes for a utopian future and immense technological advancements in the ‘50s, the Space Age movement was born, characterised by geometric shapes and a futuristic aesthetic that still fascinates us today. Get a taste of contemporary Space Age design and explore our shortlist of the top 10 Space Age lights to add a touch of experimental sophistication to your space. Designed by leading independent artists from around the globe, these lights blend cutting-edge technology with imaginative design to create unforgettable statement pieces.

Bird of Prey by Atelier Haute Cuisine

© Atelier Haute Cuisine

The Bird of Prey” light not only boasts a unique design inspired by predatory birds, but it also incorporates a Space Age aesthetic with its use of bronze and warm lighting. The bronze plate’s simplified shape gives it a futuristic feel, and the light that runs through it creates a warm, sunset-like glow.

Fold Table Light by Akademie

© Akademie

The “Fold” table light is a stunning example of Space Age lighting design that combines form and function. The light illuminates from within and reflects through the folds in the structure, creating a unique and mesmerizing effect. Its futuristic and timeless appearance is a result of careful experimentation and physical modeling, resulting in a statement piece that will elevate any interior space.

Ishtar Lamp by Federico Fontanella Studio

©Federico Fontanella Studio

The “Ishtar” lamp draws inspiration from the ancient architecture of Babylon. Its metal structure is cut by a beam of light that creates accent lighting and diffused lighting in the room.

“Cornice Supreme – PU re-edition” Lamp N.2 by Teresa Fernández-Pello

©Teresa Fernández-Pello

“Cornice Supreme” is a futuristic and thought-provoking example of Space Age design. It transforms basic materials into sculptural lamps that challenge our perception of objects in their environment.

“Unborn Creatures of Light” by Youmna Geday

"Unborn creatures of light"
© Youmna Geday

The “Unborn Creatures of Light” is a mesmerizing Space Age art piece that uses emptied and hardened eggshells to create porous constellations of stars through the use of light. Inspired by the concept that the universe was born from an egg, each unique eggshell resembles a galaxy.

become” by rlon 


The “become desk lamp’s design is controlled by a metal ball that moves between two magnetic fields. Placing the ball at the centre fully energizes the lamp, emitting a warm light. Its sleek and futuristic design is perfect for modern interiors.

“shippingshade” by Martynas Kazimierėnas

© Martynas Kazimierėnas

The “shippingshade” lamp is a Space Age creation that takes inspiration from postal shipping companies. Its outer layer resembles a cardboard shipping box, making the lamp itself the packaging and the lampshade.

“TETRIS” Table Lamp in White by Yves Pauwels

©Yves Pauwels

The “Tetris” table light by Yves Pauwels is a striking example of Space Age design. The lamp’s metal material is cut and stretched in the atelier to create charming forms that produce a play of light and shadow on both the wall and ceiling.

“Lucha” Lamp – Marigold by Fisch Designs 

© Fisch Designs

“Lucha” lamps are unique and abstract pieces that embody a sense of individuality and obscurity. This Space Age design is an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive and eye-catching addition to their interior space.

Blue Moon Light by Anne Nowak 

© Anne Nowak

The “Blue Moon” light is part of a series of unique and handmade lighting works that embody a space-age aesthetic. Produced in collaboration with Art Group 1103, these works are like nebulae encased in iron shells when the light is on, and round reliefs of distant planets when the light is off.

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