Metal Table Lamps : Function & Style

Metal Table Lamps are the epitome of where function meets style in the realm of lighting design. These pieces, crafted from versatile metal, offer a perfect blend of practical illumination and aesthetic appeal. They encompass a range of design philosophies, from the sleek, understated lines of Minimalism to the vibrant, eclectic nature of Maximalism, and the bold, raw forms of Brutalism. Each lamp is a unique, beautiful, and original creation, adding an artistic touch, often with a hint of rustic charm.

Tatì – Brass Metal and Blown Glass Table Lamp by Clara Viladecans

The Tatì table lamp honors Jacques Tati’s film Mon Oncle, blending Art Deco elegance with Space-Age and Neo-industrial influences. Crafted by Italian artisans, each lamp reflects impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Mácula Table Lamp by Isabel Moncada

Mácula Minimalist Table Lamp by Isabel Moncada
© Isabel Moncada

MÁCULA Minimalist table lamp was designed for the Mol collection by Mexican artist Isabel Moncada.

Athari – Functional Lamps by Andrei Clontea STUDIO

Athari – Functional Lamps by Andrei Clontea STUDIO
©Andrei Clontea STUDIO

The ATHARI functional sculpture is handcrafted in clay. It draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of the weathered and aged tree trunks, including fallen or dead trees.

Coy Table Lamp by Stem

Coy Table Lamp by Stem

The interplay of light and shadow caused by soft depressions enhances Coy’s modest character. The bare Aluminium is naturally finished, bringing in a renewed sense of energy in space.

Candil Table Lamp – Milan by ACdO

Candil Lamp - "Milan"

The Candil Eclectic lamp was conceived as a table version of the Cornucopia lamp. In appearance they are different, but their technical principle is the same: the rule of three.

Overcast Aluminum Light by Calen Knauf Studio

Overcast Aluminum Light by Calen Knauf Studio
© Calen Knauf Studio

The “Overcast” Coastal light consists of an aluminum cylindrical base and a paper shade. The shade is made from blended paper pulp that allows light to shine through mimicking the effect of the sun obscured by cloud cover.

Átomo Table Lamp by Isabel Moncada

Golden Metal Art Deco Table Lamps
© Isabel Moncada

ÁTOMO table lamp was designed for the Atomic collection by Mexican artist Isabel Moncada.

Junius Lamp by Arvo Ray Studio 

Junius Lamp by Arvo Ray Studio 
©Arvo Ray Studio

The Space Age Junius lamp makes a bold statement with its geometric stacked elements that appear almost to float above one another. 

Ishtar Metal Lamps by Federico Fontanella Studio

Ishtar Lamp by Federico Fontanella Studio
©Federico Fontanella Studio

The “Ishtar” lamp draws inspiration from the ancient architecture of Babylon. Its metal structure is cut by a beam of light that creates accent lighting and diffused lighting in the room.

O.F.I.S Series – Pipe, Rod and Brick Table Lamp by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This ‘Pipe, Rod and Brick’ tubular steel table lamp forms part of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space) by Lucas Muñoz, an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative.

“CASELLA” table lamp, white by Yves Pauwels

"CASELLA" table lamp, white
©Yves Pauwels

This table light’s name, “Casella,” refers to the skyscrapers that pop up in cities all over the world. Made from metal cut into different pieces and welded together afterwards, this sleek, original object is build like a contemporary skyscraper, with its floating terraces and airy joints.

Jewel Light 6 by Koen Van Guijze

Jewel Light 6 by Koen Van Guijze
©Koen Van Guijze

Small geometrical shapes, turned in gold. Like art, light objects can give warmth and inspiration. Koen has creates several light objects that give comfort for the soul.

B.A.R.E Series, ‘Small Simple’ Table Lamp by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

B.A.R.E Series, ‘Small Simple’ Table Lamp by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz
©Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

B.A.R.E ‘Small Simple’ Table Lamp is a piece that forms part of the serie Brick, Appliances, Rods and Electricity (B.A.R.E). This collection of lamps is produced with bricks or tiles on the bases, from which iron rod structures and electric quick connectors grow to bring the light to the lamp. 

BOURRELET lamps by Helder Barbosa

BOURRELET lamps by Helder Barbosa
©Helder Barbosa

Bourrelet is a ceramic lamp shaped with soft and generous curves.

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Opting for a metal table lamp is about embracing both illumination and art in your living space. These lamps go beyond mere functionality; they are statement pieces that enhance the visual dynamics of a room, perfect for anyone who appreciates both minimalist elegance and maximalist boldness.

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