10 Timeless Bauhaus Lamps and Lights For 2023

The Bauhaus movement, born in Germany in the early 20th century, remains a significant source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers worldwide. Characterized by its functional yet aesthetically pleasing designs, the Bauhaus movement sought to bridge the gap between art and industry. Today, its influence can still be seen in various creative disciplines, including lighting design. Discover our curation of 10 unique Bauhaus lamps and lights that seamlessly blend form and function, perfect for the year 2023.

Piet Mobile by Adelie Ducasse 

Bauhaus Piet Mobile by Adelie Ducasse 
© Adelie Ducasse

Meet “Piet with Mobile”, a vibrant ceramic lamp. With its colourful palette and transparent glaze, this Bauhaus-inspired piece adds a whimsical touch to any space.

TRN Lamp B3 by Pani Jurek

TRN Lamp B3 by Pani Jurek
© Pani Jurek

The lighting fixture is part of TRN collection. These three-dimensional objects are inspired by Tarasin’s paintings and have a simple calligraphic form so they can play and talk together as if they were letters from a non-existent alphabet.

“Shadow 24 Orange” Table/Floor Lamp by Andreas Berlin

“Shadow 24 Orange” Table/Floor Lamp by Andreas Berlin
© Andreas Berlin

Reduced forms create fascinating light sculptures. The luminaire series, “Shadow”, plays with the effects of light, shadow and reflection.

“Off-grid” Lamp by Klemens Schillinger

“Off-grid” Lamp by Klemens Schillinger
© Klemens Schillinger

As the name suggests, the “Off-Grid” lamps are not connected to the power grid. Instead, a hand-operated crank or a foot pedal charges a generator and allows the user to produce their own energy with physical exercise.

“IOI” Table Lamp by Samuel Accoceberry

“IOI” Table Lamp by Samuel Accoceberry
© Samuel Accoceberry

“IOI” is a small table lamp composed of a graphic game of simple shapes. An iconic silhouette with a spherical light source and square base. The lamp is equipped with an LED source.

Lucha Lamp Golden Tan by Fisch Designs 

©Fisch Designs 

The poster boy of Fisch Designs, the Lucha lamp. Embodied throughout this design is a clear sense of uniqueness, that seeks to capture the individuality inherent to each respective light, demonstrating the characteristics of obscurity that they possess.

become by rlon

© rlon

The desk lamp ‘become’ tells a story of a journey to the centre. It is controlled by moving a metal ball between two magnetic fields on a black monolith. If the ball is put at the centre of the ring, the object is fully energized and emits a warm, pleasant light to its surroundings.

BY–Lamp by Studio Kuhlmann

Bauhaus Lightnings
© Studio Kuhlmann

“BY–Lamp” is the combined version of the “B–Lamp” and “Y–Lamp”, and is part of the “Shades of Stainless Steel” series. A study on metal pipes, which allows the viewer to play with his perception. Each lamp is handmade and polished at Studio Kuhlmann based in Cologne, Germany.

“Hunky Dory” by Objects of Common Interest

"Hunky Dory"
© Objects of Common Interest

Twenty one commercially sourced acrylic led ring lights and a three-step shaped stainless steel structure made from standard profiles comprise this Bauhaus light sculpture. It transforms the ready-made material itself into the physical subject of the work.

Fold Table Light by Akademie 

© Akademie 

Fold Table Light both illuminates from within and through its reflections. As the self-appointed purpose was to create a lighting element with a unique form, Fold Table Light is the outcome of experimentation on the subject, which consists of constructing physical models. It is a statement Bauhaus piece with a timeless appearance.

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