10 Innovative Space Age Tables Merging Futuristic Style and Functionality

Marked by its futuristic and innovative designs, Space Age seeks to push the boundaries of traditional forms. The Space Age movement, which emerged in the mid-20th century, continues to inspire artists, architects, and designers globally. Today, its influence resonates across creative fields, including table design. Explore our carefully curated collection of 10 distinctive Space Age tables that seamlessly merge style and functionality, ideal for the year 2023.

“Siena” Table by Adrian Cruz 

Space Age
© Adrian Cruz

The rigorous, Space Age geometric green and white lines merge in the translucent material, creating an organic flow of coloured matter. Handmade in Italy by master artisans.

Side Table I metaspace by metastudio x spacestudio

Space Age movement
© metastudio x spacestudio

The design idea of this side table is inspired by the moment of slicing a singular form into two pieces. The falling effect of the sliced part is enriched by the colour of the split area.



The ATLAS Table combines two processing stages of the travertine. On one side, it represents the perfect surfaces that we are familiar with from contemporary furniture production: defined, clean, and symmetrical. On the other side, it shows the natural tip.

Brutante F – Brutantes by Fi

© Fi

The selection of the orange colour as a symbol of renunciation, and the use of metal as the only material reflect the homogenization as a norm to be in complete comfort at the moment of bringing to life.

White Solid Oak Pierrot Side Table by Animate Objects

© Animate Objects

Crafted in solid oak, this Space Age side table embraces modernity and playfulness. Its unusual legs are inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte character Pierrot’s long sleeves.

Amadeus Family – Constanza Table by Wang Yichu

© Wang Yichu

As part of the collection of the Amadeus family, the Constanza table carried out the same design language and philosophy with a slightly different touch with the tabletop material.

“PINK STORY” Console by Leo De Carlo

© Leo De Carlo

“PINK STORY” is part of “The Small Tales” Collection and a work edited in only 3 copies. The art piece narrates a period in the life of the creator.

Byblos by 13 Desserts

© 13 Desserts

Both bedside table and stool, “Byblos” is a hybrid object. Its simple curves and colour differences create an abstract pattern whose language is borrowed from modernism.

HAPPY MEAL in Blue by Studio YOLK

© studio YOLK

The Happy Meal table is inspired by the energy that is found in and around ingesting a meal, about being in and out of focus and contact, seeing through or being closed off or closing off yourself. Alone and or together with.

Osso by 13 Desserts 

© 13 Desserts 

Osso is a bendable plywood side table duo. The manufacturing process inspired by violin-making gives the product a hollow body whose appearance is both massive and organic.

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