+27 Metal Decor: Elegance For Your Home

In the contemporary design landscape, Metal Decor stands as a symbol of modern elegance. This material, known for its versatility and strength, is transformed into unique, beautiful, and artistic elements that elevate any space. Ultimately, shop through our innovative selection of Bauhaus metal vases, or our geometric Brutalist steel sculptures. Furthermore, discover minimalist inspired metal bookends, or glamorous Art Deco metal interior decorations. Whichever style you choose, each metal home decor will offer a distinct take on contemporary home aesthetics.

Money Balloon – Metal Decor by Ahmad Jarrar

Metal Decor Item Money Balloon by Ahmad Jarrar
©Ahmad Jarrar

A stand-alone Art Deco piggy bank, perfect as a statement piece placed by your home entrance. Inspired by the materials used anciently in the region. Brass and ceramic beautifully compliment each other in this dynamic design.

“Ferrosecco Ovale” Metal Vase – Silverlilac by Federica Elmo

Boho Chic "Ferrosecco Ovale" Vase - Silverlilac
©Federica Elmo

The Boho Chic “Ferrosecco Ovale” in silver-lilac. Painted by hand and limited to only 5 unique pieces.

OO+II Aluminum Bookend Set by Kiki Goti

Exuberant Minimalist aluminum creatures to upgrade your minimal shelves by Kiki Goti.

Pressure Vase – Metal Home Decor by TIM TEVEN

Pressure Vase - Metal Vases Home Decor by TIM TEVEN

In the Industrial Pressure Vase Rectangular, Tim Teven uses material deformation under extreme pressure as a tool to design.

Iron and Steel Life Cabin Vase B by BUSRA TUNC

LIFE CABIN” is the final product of the collaboration of two designers: Busra Tunc and Jenny Nordberg, who aim to integrate industrial design processes in their design approaches.

Jupiter – Metal Drink Coasters by Andre Mcheileh 

Jupiter Drink Coasters by Andre Mcheileh 
©Andre Mcheileh 

An intergalactic statement piece made from Solid Aluminum. Drink Coasters, “Jupiter” by Andre Mcheileh.

“SANT” Bronze Sculpture by Karolina Brobeck & Mina Karami

“SANT” Bronze Sculpture by Karolina Brobeck & Mina Karami
©Karolina Brobeck & Mina Karami

SANT,” a collection of sculptures designed and hand-made by Mina Karami and Karolina Brobeck. Made in clay and cast in bronze.

Ondine Mirror by Alara & Stefan

Metal Home Decor Ondine Mirror by Alara & Stefan
©Alara & Stefan

Ondine” is a sculptural mirror and light fixture designed for CASA NEUVA. This piece is a continuation of the “Midsummer” collection showcased in Milan Design Week 2022.

Metal Decor – Centerpiece by BORGI BASTORMAGI

Metal Decor - Centerpiece by BORGI BASTORMAGI

The [XS] Steel collection was developed with objects that can be used between the office and home.

¨Eden¨ Metal Sculptural Vase by Agustina Bottoni

¨Eden¨ Sculptural Vase
©Agustina Bottoni

Eden is a Minimalist sculptural vase that celebrate natural beauty and balance. It is inspired by the delicate harmony found in nature, where each part needs of the other.

Wax Clock Sculptural Wall Candle Holder by Panorammma Atelier

Wax Clock Sculptural Wall Candle Holder by Panorammma Atelier
©Panorammma Atelier

A Brutalist candle holder rendered in stainless steel is mounted onto the wall as an altar panel painting that folds closed to simulate a medical cabinet.

Another Kingdom – Metal Decor by Yoomoota

Another Kingdom by Yoomoota
© Yoomoota

Chess «Another Kingdom» is from the U2BeBetter planet of Yoomoota universe. Yoomoota tried to make this age–old board game even more exciting, giving each figure a new image and character. T

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Choosing metal decor means embracing a fusion of durability and design. These pieces, whether rustic or polished, minimalist or brutalist, do more than just adorn a room; they contribute to a narrative of modern elegance and artistic expression, making every space they inhabit uniquely original.

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