Shaping Dreams: 12 Clay Interior Designs

Step into the enchanting world of clay art by experiencing ‘Shaping Dreams: The Artistry and Allure of Clay Creations.’ This exhibition offers a mesmerizing journey through the intricate realm of clay artistry, where raw earth is transformed into extraordinary masterpieces that stir the soul. Explore the rich diversity of forms, from delicately sculpted porcelain to rustic terracotta, each piece a testament to the boundless ingenuity of human hands. Uncover the art’s cultural heritage and evolution, immerse yourself in interactive workshops, and leave with a deepened appreciation for the captivating artistry that can emerge from a simple lump of clay.

Alfonso Clay Vase by Project 213A

This clay vase draws inspiration from the Icelandic volcanic rock formations which can be found by Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. It is sculpted by organically displacing seventeen individual layers and is finished with a contemporary matte or shiny glaze. View more vases:

Strikha Table Lamp by FAINA


Handwoven by Ukrainian artisans of willow vine the endless and meditative form of STRIKHA lamps embodies unity and close-knit family circles. Protective, like a strikha straw roof, traditional to a Ukrainian dwelling — the STRIKHA brings warmth and protection from harm. View More Lamps:

KUMANEC complete clay vase set by FAINA


KUMANEC vase revives the shape of traditional Ukrainian festive pottery. An ancestral shape that vibrates with the animistic presence of live clay design

Āstra Functional Clay Sculpture by Andrei Clontea STUDIO

The white ceramic functional clay sculpture embraces a celestial inspired design and incorporates an architectural approach. Crafted with attention, it showcases an organic shape and porous, rocky texture that evokes the essence of celestial elements.

Intersect – 0 0 1 0 – Ceramic Vase 3D Printed by Yiannis Vogdanis

©Yiannis Vogdanis

Yiannis Vogdanis is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Athens, Greece. His career started in Rome after graduating from the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.” His area of interest lies at the meeting point of craft, design, and science. 

Al Jarrah by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

©IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Handmade terracotta clay jug embellished with natural Khose weaved in a spiral technique (Safeefah) around the base.

Clay Side Tables by stanzanumerotre

Side Tables
© stanzanumerotre

As a cobblestone is smoothed by the flowing water of a river in years, these side tables are the effect of a long time sanding.

Braided Clay Vase 2 by Bar Bergman

Hand-made braided vase, made from coloured clay (white clay coloured with pigments), matte finish, glazed inside.

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