17 Gifts: From Simple to Grand Ideas

Gifting transcends purpose; it is an expression of thought and sentiment. If a gift could tell a story – make that story be remembered. Find a simple Minimalist Vase or a vibrant Maximalist Table lamp. Or maybe, indulge into the earthy allure of Boho Chic Candleholders to tell your unique story. The artistry in these gifts ensures that every moment counts, making your gesture both beautiful and original. Choose gifts that not only adorn spaces but also resonate with the heart.

Ceramic Egg Stand by Muss Ceramics

© Muss Ceramics

A ceramic egg stand adorned with small hearts, fitting 10 eggs.

Ether Marble Vase by Kickie Chudikova

Ether Marble Vase by Kickie Chudikova, Gifts
©Kickie Chudikova

The Marble of this Maximalist vase is sourced from local marble shop in Brooklyn. Subsequently, handpicked from a huge heap of scrap material, that would otherwise be unused.

Athari – Functional Sculpture by Andrei Clontea STUDIO

Maximalist Table Lamp Designs Made From Clay Ceramics
©Andrei Clontea STUDIO

The Boho Chic ATHARI functional sculpture draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of the weathered and aged tree trunks.

The Valley Eclectic Rug by Mush Studios

Valley by Mush Studios reimagines the classic circular rug with a modern, eclectic twist. Sustainably crafted by artisans in India, this unique rug showcases three cut-out holes and is made from 100% New Zealand wool with a 100% cotton backing.

Les petites cheminées Candle holders by Solenne Belloir

Les petites cheminées Ceramic Candle holders
© Solenne Belloir

Ceramic candleholder with glossy glaze on grey/beige stoneware.

Pleated Clay Table Lamp by Joseph Algieri

Orange Maximalist Table Lamps
©Joseph Algieri

The “Pleated Table Lamp” is made of hundreds of extruded clay pieces, fired to vitrification, and finished with automotive paint.

“MOON” Glass Bowl Tableware  by Artis Nimanis

Each an&angel bowl is an individual work of art,
©Artis Nimanis

Each bowl is an individual work of art, mouth-blown using melted glass that comes in various colours and utilizing a technique of fusing two to four layers of glass into one.

Chinampa Dia y Noche – Set of two rugs by Ugly Rugly

Chinampa Dia y Noche – Set of two rugs by Ugly Rugly
© Ugly Rugly

Inspired by the verdantant colors of the Chinampas during the day and into the night. 

Miami Glass Table Lamp by Brajak Vitberg

The “Miami Table Lamp” by Brajak Vitberg Studio in 2019 was inspired by the vibrant and colourful Miami skies. 

Templo by Algo Studio

The Templo Lamp Plywood by Algo Studio: A sustainable and artistic lighting solution crafted from organic plywood.

“Reidi” Centrepiece | Gifts by Studio Lél 

“Reidi” Centrepiece by Studio Lél 
©Studio Lél

“Reidi” Centrepiece is handmade from semiprecious stone and marble in a small artisanal workshop.

Genie Gift Design by Studio Poa

Space Age Genie Design by Studio Poa
©Studio Poa

Genie: A Stunning Space Age Mouthblown Glass Vase by Studio Poa. In short: Out of this world!

Joyful Blown Glassware | Gifts – Series III by Irina Flore 

Joyful Blown Glassware – Series III by Irina Flore
© Irina Flore

The Joyful glassware collection is handblown by exceptional craftspeople in Seattle, USA.

Blob Blown Glass Lamp | Gifts by Lisa Hartwig Ericson

Blob Blown Glass Lamp by Lisa Hartwig Ericson
©Lisa Hartwig Ericson

Blob Lamp, a handmade Boho Chic table-lamp. Created in glazed ceramics with mouth-blown glass in different colour combinations.

“GIRIA” Brass Pedestal Bowl | Gifts by Evelina Kudabaite

"GIRIA" Pedestal Bowl
©Evelina Kudabaite

GIRIA in Lithuanian means an old-growth forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance. The Boho Chic project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through material, to bring the nature to urban home.

Gifts | Radical Melted V.17 by John Nordenstein

Radical Melted V.17 by John Nordenstein
© John Nordenstein

Melted V.17 is a sculptural vase in blue colour. I try and work with different materials to explore each material’s unique spectrum of qualities such as thickness, viscosities, glossiness, and transparency.”

“Bulbe” Lamp by Adrian Cruz

"Bulbe" Lighting design
© Adrian Cruz

This unique Eclectic light bulb is fully made in crystal resin with a concavity that captures movement and lightness in the material.

Baby Carousel Lighting Gifts by Ivey Jane Holt

Ceramic Table Lamp Design
©Ivey Jane Holt

Meet our Maximalism cheerful lighting piece, featuring five dimmable recessed bulbs arranged in a unique diagonal spiral, encased in iridescent recycled glass tile. This happy little dude is a bright and eco-friendly addition to any perch!

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Selecting the perfect gift isn’t just about the item itself, but the emotion it carries. From the functional beauty of table lamps to the quiet charm of candleholders, each gift holds the power to evoke memories, celebrate moments, and strengthen bonds. Choose wisely and let your gift be a reflection of the thought, care, and understanding you bring to every relationship.

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