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Searching for a unique storage solution? Look no further. Shelves from Adorno Design are where aesthetics and functionality harmonize. Dive into a world of design styles, from the sleek lines of Minimalist shelves to the intricate craftsmanship of Art Deco designs. Discover the raw, industrial feel of Brutalist steel, or let your imagination take flight with futuristic Space Age models. These are not just shelves; they are artistic, original, handmade creations that you must have.

“Whatamai” Mid Century Modern Wood Shelves by Emir Uras

The legacy of Emir Uras’s architectural training and his focus on form are evident in his Mid Century Modern design for the “Whatamai” shelf. 

Differ Space Age Shelves by Lisa Brustolin

Differ Shelf by Lisa Brustolin is a Space Age bookshelf defined by high contrasts. Such as the horizontality and verticality of the lines and the transparency of the epoxy resin for the legs.

Neo Industrial Object Shelf 00 by Buffet Collective 

Neo Industrial Object 00
©Buffet Collective

As a whole, The Neo Industrial Object 00 is confusing. It does not try to solve anything; actually, it might problematic instead. It is strange. It does not fall into any category.

“Plots” Radical Shelving System by Studio BrichetZiegler

“Plots” Radical Shelving System
©Studio BrichetZiegler

Plots” is a composable Radical storage system. Symmetric, disturbed, regular, fanciful, organized, in equilibrium simple.

Fresh Catch, Lobster Trap Art Deco Shelf by Lauren Goodman

Art Deco  Shelf is made from a salvaged lobster trap
© Lauren Goodman

This Art Deco  Shelf is made from a salvaged lobster trap that has been welded and has had a powder coated finish applied.

Eclectic Chromodular by Moneo Brock Studio

Eclectic art by Moneo Brock Studio
© Moneo Brock Studio

This Eclectic  furniture piece makes maximum use of the intrinsic qualities of its sole material: polycarbonate sheets.

System P5 – Neo Industrial Metal Shelf by studio PART

The new furniture collection “System P5” by Studio PART combines creative handcraft with industrial-scale technology. 

O.F.I.S Series, Tubular  Space Age Shelves by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Space Age tubular steel shelve
©Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This  Space Age tubular steel shelve forms part of the Series O.F.I.S by Lucas Muñoz, an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative. 

Coastal Common Sense Wood Shelf by Sanghyeok Lee

Coastal metal Common Sense
©Sanghyeok Lee

The Coastal wooden sculpture formalizes the movement of human arms when draining water from curdled milk.

Greasy Hot Dog Maximalism Shelves by Diego Faivre

Greasy Hot Dog Maximalism Shelves
©Diego Faivre

The Maximalism Greasy Hot Dog Shelf” is part of the “Dazzling Lights” and “Storage Solutions”.

Mortaise Shelves  by Clemence Birot

The “Mortaise 400” and the “Mortaise 750” shelf are made of cork and metal, a confrontation of two materials, assembled without glue. A folded metal frame is embed in the cork slab.

metal shelf by Esther De Vos

Ceramic shelf by Esther De Vos
© Esther De Vos

These SHELVES were originally designed to display ceramics in the communal kitchen of a co-living project, the shelves were designed to bear some weight. 

Skógarnytjar: Boho Chic Wall Shelves by studio Björn Steinar

Organized minimalist wooden shelves.
©studio Björn Steinar

Unique hand made Boho Chic wall shelf from Icelandic wood.

Space age Cairn / Storage by Studio Jean Louis Noël

Space Age storage
© Studio Jean Louis Noël

This Space Age storage is inspired by a traditional farming technique involving the removal of stones from fields before ploughing.

T SW Brutalist Small Book Shelves by Mantas Lesauskas

In this Brutalist work of Mantas Lesauskas, we see the emptiness of our own pampered interiors, which we can fill with the smallest narratives, the most common experiences. 

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No longer are shelves just for storage. In today’s world, they are canvases for expressing your personal style. With an array of choices available, from Minimalist forms to Art Deco elegance, Adorno Design ensures your shelves will be as unique as you are. Don’t just store, celebrate your individuality.

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