Milan Design Week 2024: Exhibitions at Alcova Not to be Missed

As Milan crystallizes into one colossal art and design gallery during Milan Design Week, it’s tempting to confine oneself within the city limits. However, embracing the true spirit of Fuorisalone entails venturing beyond the familiar, off the beaten path. You couldn’t be in better hands than with ALCOVA, whose ethos is all about experiencing art in unconventional spaces. ALCOVA deliberately eschews repetition in venue locations, adopting a nomadic stance that transforms diverse, often forgotten spaces into inspired storytelling and artistic havens.

With over 70 international exhibitors, including independent designers, innovative brands, galleries, cultural institutions, and companies, ALCOVA promises a journey unlike any other this year. So, hop on the metro and venture out to Varedo, where ADORNO will proudly present alongside these incredible talents, all hosted by ALCOVA. Keep reading for our top picks of exhibitions not to be missed.

ADORNO Presents Animism at ALCOVA

Experience design from a new perspective with Animism at ALCOVA, curated by ADORNO for Milan Design Week 2024. Located within the historic Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, this immersive exhibition explores the intriguing concept of animism in design, illuminating the inherent life force within all things. Engage with thoughtfully curated pieces, each infused with its own unique personality, sparking a dialogue that goes beyond only the material form. Animism offers more than a showcase of design; it provides a glimpse into a sustainable future where objects are not just inanimate possessions but cherished companions, inviting visitors to experience wonder and reverence for the interconnectedness of all things.

Natalia Criado

Discover the exquisite tableware by Natalia Criado at ALCOVA, where she presents embellished pieces adorned with carved quartz, Lapis, and stunning stones. With over a decade of experience nurturing her eponymous brand, Natalia embodies a multifaceted creative approach that merges Colombian heritage with Italian influences. Drawing inspiration from pre-Columbian forms, her designs blend contemporary aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, showcasing minimalist geometric shapes crafted in collaboration with expert artisans.

By valuing the expertise of her creative partners and embracing handcrafted techniques, Natalia Criado infuses her creations with authenticity and heritage awareness. Working with materials like brass, glass, gemstones, and ceramics, she captures the subtle beauty of everyday objects, elevating them through experimentation and transformative processes.

crafting plastics! studio at ALCOVA

Founded by Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Král, crafting plastics! studio is an award-winning design research studio based in Bratislava and Berlin. Specializing in cross-disciplinary research and the development of ecological biocomposites, their practice focuses on sustainable innovation and transparent production processes. By combining craft and technology, they explore the largely untapped potential of bioplastics derived from plants, aiming to introduce sustainable products that are actively involved in all stages of their lifecycle.

Experience their newest collection, which pushes the boundaries of 3D printing technology, exploring unconventional, nature-inspired surfaces, and questioning the ability of new technologies to mimic naturally grown objects. Discover the intersection of art, technology, and sustainability with crafting plastics! studio at Milan Design Week.

Kickie Chudikova Presents Pulpopolis

Kickie Chudikova is a New York-based industrial designer renowned for her expertise in designing products, furniture, and lighting. Balancing her skills between industrial design and craft, Kickie finds inspiration in the timeless beauty of raw materials like glass, iron, porcelain, or marble, coupled with the empowerment of cutting-edge technology. With a keen eye for detail, she believes in the enduring value of well-designed products meant to be passed on to future generations.

Passionate about color, Kickie incorporates bold hues into her work. At ALCOVA, she presents Pulpopolis, an installation that serves as a love letter to the underwater world. Pulpopolis highlights the natural beauty of marine life through a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, featuring a set of three glass lamps resembling floating jellyfish, each emitting a stunning, colorful glow.

Kiki Goti Presents SELENE

Kiki Goti is a Greek artist, designer, and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Goti, whose work is known for its lively and participatory nature, presents her newest collection, Selene, at ALCOVA. Featuring a compelling collection of pieces, including delicate glass works created in partnership with Venetian glass producer Vetralia, as well as striking metal designs from Goti’s current collection, Selene provides an energy of peaceful contemplation and reflection.

Inspired by the goddess of the Moon, Selene invites viewers to immerse themselves in a meditative space where modest materials are transformed into opulent works of art through artisanal craftsmanship. Using reflective elements such as steel and silverized glass, Selene aims to capture a sense of transition and evoke the peripheral journey from day to night, offering a space for personal reflection and transformation.

Linde Freya Tangelder with Destroyers/Builders Presents Sculpting Archetypes

Founded on a distinct ethos, Founded on a distinct ethos, Destroyers/Builders approaches furniture design from an architectural perspective, resulting in a compelling interplay among its pieces. Linde Freya Tangelder, the studio’s founder, seeks to imbue each creation with a sculptural and architectural character, while blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional influences.

The furniture designs navigate the intersection between industry and human experience, crafted from an eclectic range of materials, both high and ‘low’ end. The unique blend of materials, complemented by their tactile characteristics and human touch, epitomizes Destroyers/Builders’ distinct approach, resulting in a unique expression of form and texture.

Natalia Ortega & Legado Artesano Castilla-La Mancha Present and Bows Collections at ALCOVA

Natalia Ortega of WORN STUDIO, an industrial designer based in Spain, specializes in crafting objects, furniture, and lighting using an array of natural materials such as clay, wood, stone, leather, and blown glass. Embracing the essence of traditional craftsmanship, Natalia collaborates with artisans from small workshops in rural areas, infusing her creations with a sense of slowness, intention, and respect for natural resources. Her contemporary designs not only highlight a connection to the world around us but also pay homage to non-living entities.

At ALCOVA, Natalia Ortega unveils the Bows collection, a collaboration with Legado Artesano Castilla-La Mancha, showcasing a unique ensemble of handmade objects crafted using ancient techniques, featuring metal, embroidery, wood, ceramics, and blown glass.

Sema Topaloglu Studio Presents Non-Conformist Garden

Based in Istanbul, Sema Topaloglu is known for her dedication to materials, craftsmanship, and unique aesthetic vision. With a discerning eye for the tactile and visual interplay of materials, patterns, and geometry, she imbues her residential, retail, and leisure interiors with an unwavering commitment to excellence and quality standards.

Focused on applying her highly personal design style to every aspect of her creations, from the smallest detail to the overarching concept, Sema Topaloglu presents her latest exhibition, Non Conformist Garden, at ALCOVA.

The New Raw at ALCOVA

Based in Rotterdam, The New Raw founded on a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Created in 2015 by architects Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki, this research and design studio is on a mission to breathe new life into discarded materials through a unique blend of design, robotics, and craftsmanship. Their unique digital craftsmanship techniques unveil the intricate textures of their manufacturing process.

Through exploring the possibilities of robotics, plastic waste undergoes a transformative journey, emerging as stunning and purposeful products that embody circularity. The New Raw serves as a testament to the potential of innovation and creativity in the sustainability realm, reshaping our perception of waste and demonstrating that with the right vision and technology, possibilities are boundless.

Victoria Yakusha (FAINA) presents SKARB

Ukrainian artist Victoria Yakusha of FAINA, is a cultural heritage architect, designer, and pioneer of the “living minimalism” movement. At ALCOVA she will unveil her collection, SKARB, the Ukranian word for treasure. This limited collection showcases vases adorned with distinctive polychrome topazes. Yakusha’s creations are inspired by the profound concept of treasure as something that lives through hearts and memories.

Alongside these vases, the exhibition also features the Korotun Table, reminiscent of a Cossack gull boat silhouette, and the Domna Armchair, paying homage to the Trypillian Venus. At this engaging exhibition, visitors are encouraged to explore the essence of treasure, considering its unique meaning for individuals and its enduring relevance across time, encompassing the past, present, and future.

Studio Alvaro Catalán De Ocón at ALCOVA

Alvaro Catalán de Ocón is a leading Spanish designer known for his commitment to protest-related projects, aesthetic expressiveness, and practicality in design. With a focus on social and environmental responsibility, he blends traditional crafts with industrial processes to create functional objects addressing societal and ecological issues.

Catalán de Ocón prioritizes personal vision, social responsibility, and sustainability. His work revolves around merging ancient artisanal techniques with modern technologies to create contemporary objects.

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