Binary Simplicity in The Dash Collection by Yiannis Vogdanis

The D-0111 Vase is part of the Dash Collection, produced by designer Yiannis Vogdanis’s brand, BinaryCeramics.

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BinaryCeramics was created out of the passion and research Yiannis put into developing systems that can 3D print semi-fluid materials, such as porcelain. His goal is to materialize and expose the beauty that he encountered through his research in terms of forms, patterns, vibrations, and subtle things that often go unnoticed in our everyday life.

With the Dash Collection, Yiannis is investigating ways in which complexity can be created with simple rules. This idea has become a leading concept in most of his work.

D-0111 Vase available in Yiannis’s showroom.

Nature does that in amazing ways like the code of life, 4 chemical building blocks, the nucleotides, that are linked together in a chain, and form a strand of DNA. Humans have also devised ways to create immense complexity out of simplicity, for example, the game of “Go” which has more possible combinations than the atoms of the observable universe. With the help of computational design, Yiannis can see complex patterns and shapes emerge from very few or simple rules, and that is apparent in his whole body of work.

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