“Botryoidal“ Collection By Forma Rosa Studio – Capturing the surreal in nature through digital craft interventions

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Forma Rosa Studio, co-founded by Maria Teresa Castillo and Santiago Braby Brown, aims to “merg[e] digital design with handmade craft” through their functional, limited edition artworks.

As a creative duo, trained in Architecture and Industrial Design at New York’s Pratt Institute, they focus on bringing together digital design and artisan craft in new, unexpected ways. The studio’s continuous experimentation with traditional techniques and technological advancements culminates in a distinct, modern aesthetic that invites the user to experience a sensory spectacle.

The “Botryoidal” collection, consisting of the “Botryoidal Lamp“, “Botryoidal Lamp Mini“, and “Botryoidal Planter”, is one of the most recent additions to the studio’s oeuvre and emblematic of their ingenuity. “Botryoidal” refers to the texture of a natural mineral with multiple rounded segments of different sizes, which is reflected in the texture and shape of the pieces. Such natural phenomena play an important role in the studio’s creations since Castillo and Brown draw a lot of inspiration from the environments they grow up in, Lima, Peru, and Bellingham, Washington, respectively.

To achieve such organic shell formations, the designer duo takes advantage of their digital expertise and collaborates with artisans from Peru for the handcrafted element of their work. Both the “Botryoidal” lamps and planters feature custom crystal glazes that perform in unique ways during the firing process in the kilt. Their bubbly-like form is accentuated through the folds capturing deeper crystal hues and textures as well as through the convexities showcasing the smoother moments of colour. The defining characteristic of the “Botryoidal” collection, mimicking the texture of natural minerals, gives each piece a bold yet dream-like quality.

As a whole, the “Botryoidal” collection demonstrates Forma Rosa Studio’s innovative approach to experimenting with traditional techniques by fostering a cultural dialogue between the United States and Peru and combining this with digital tools. Thereby, they are not only pushing the boundaries of handmade craftsmanship but also creating functional art pieces that easily become statement pieces in any interior space.

Forma Rosa Studio’s imaginative homeware has also received widespread attention across various media outlets. From their features in Wallpaper Magazine and Architectural Digest to their recent participation in Milan Design Week and Wanted Design NYC, any design enthusiasts should keep an eye out for their upcoming projects.

View all pieces by Forma Rosa Studio in their showroom >


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