Botryoidal Planter

by Forma Rosa Studio United States (US)

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Dimension LxWxH (cm): 28x23x18
Open Editions Material : Ceramics
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The “Botryoidal Planter” by Forma Rosa Studio is a symbiotic planter inspired by cacti and for cacti, that welcomes multiple plants in a pot. This piece is named after a natural mineral texture composed of many rounded segments. The formations of its shell have been digitally grown through coding and then materialized in an experimental process of handcrafted ceramic and glaze work. Featuring custom glazes that perform in unique ways during their firing process, the bubbly-like form is accentuated as folds capture deeper crystal hues or textures, and convexities show smoother moments of color.

The form of our “Botryoidal Collection”; as the name suggests, is not just influenced by the natural growth of crystal where bubbles are shaped in a fractal-like pattern to create its volume, but also its crystallization on its glaze coloring and effects as part of its maturation through its firing process. This piece conveys both; in its form and its finish, its Botryoidal unique influence and representation. Forma Rosa Studio’s practice not only pushes the limits of their design studio in Brooklyn but also the development, fabrication and research of their collaborating artisans in Peru.

-3 holes for plants.
-1″ drain holes at the bottom for drainage.
– Comes with rubber stoppers to insert in holes, in case want to use as an enclosed vessel.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 33 cm
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About the designer

Forma Rosa Studio is a design studio based in Brooklyn, NYC, co-founded by Maria Teresa Castillo and Santiago Brown. Inspired by technology, art and natural phenomena, Forma Rosa Studio creates limited edition functional pieces that seek to bring us closer to our natural roots. Their practice is defined by a cultural clash between the handmade and the digitally designed, a relationship that also defines the studio’s aesthetic and its vision. Returning to handcraft from a place of technology, the naturally complex shapes are digitally grown by the pair in NYC and handcrafted by artisans in Peru, a place where Maria calls home. They push the unexpected clash between these concepts to sculpt new ways for them to create form, tactile sensations, and to find a newfound intimacy to their objects.

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