Curatorial Statement

I have named this collection A Danish Affair, and some of the synonyms, to the word affair, are words like amour, intimacy, involvement, matter, social function, occasion, and thing. In my opinion, Danish design is interesting when designers keep developing the tradition of working with the relationship between man and object. it may be in relation to function but it may also be in relation to nature and materials or in a more personal way. This might not be politically instructive, but perhaps more a suggestion of a way to perceive the world. I see each work as an idea of how we could also strive to live.

We do not need more physical objects, but we need beauty and quality in our physical world. I believe that our mental state is influenced by the aesthetics and quality of our surroundings. I think our brain changes depending on how we are affected by our surroundings and experiences. The more we live in artificial environments, the more important it is that we are aware of the quality of our physical surroundings. The energy that you can experience in the presence of good Design Art is an energy you bring to the next person you meet. Then this intersection between art and design suddenly becomes very important.

Pil Bredahl

The Collection

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