ZOYA Istanbul’s “SELJUK Mirror” Is a Balance Between Material Reality and Introversion

“It’s not easy for a design without a story to appeal to the eye. Whatever story the viewer is able to unite with, that’s what the eye chooses.”

– Hülya Öz

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About the Jewellery Designer and Architect Hülya Öz

After her education at Istanbul Technical University, Hülya Öz continued her professional life as a practising architect for nearly 30 years. Throughout her career, she consistently researched different materials and experimented with new application techniques, leading to the founding of the ZOYA Istanbul brand. Aside from art history, she has also studied sculpture and silversmithing, which are the fields she is most passionate about. Hülya studied traditional and modern jewellery production techniques for ten years before setting up her workshop. Taking her passion for craftsmanship and Anatolian Seljuk architecture, she created the ZOYA brand.

Seljuk Influence

The Seljuk structures employ a symbolic and geometric language which makes life easier to understand given the simple forms. The designs in this collection were inspired by the study of Anatolian Seljuk architecture and the holistic view of life that is reflected in the architecture. The traditional and the modern come together in these works, a red threat throughout Hülya’s oeuvre.

SELJUK Mirror with Holder

With its design philosophy, ZOYA Istanbul has reinterpreted the lines of its ancestors. Hülya Öz has continued to reflect on her admiration for the structures of the Seljuk period in the silver jewellery she has produced since the establishment of her brand. The “SELJUK Mirror” in the tabletop object series is an adaptation of the geometry of the preceding period to our age, made in conjunction with masters.

A curated selection of pieces by ZOYA Istanbul is available for purchase here at Adorno. Click here to enter the ZOYA Istanbul Showroom >


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