Metal Storage: Durability with Modern Design

In a world where functionality and aesthetics are equally vital, Metal Storage solutions redefine durability with modern design. Crafted from metal, these storage options offer the perfect blend of robustness and contemporary style. They cater to various design preferences, from the clean, functional lines of Bauhaus to the futuristic flair of the Space Age and the bold, architectural strength of Brutalism. Each piece stands out as a unique, beautiful, and original work of art, adding an artistic and rustic touch to modern spaces.

Motion Commode No. 1 – Wavy Steel Credenza by The Good Living Co.

The “MOTION” commode is entirely handcafted out of steel, giving it a modern and Neo Industrial look. It has a matte steel finish that adds elegance and style.

metal shelf by Esther De Vos

Ceramic shelf by Esther De Vos
© Esther De Vos

These SHELVES were originally designed to display ceramics in the communal kitchen of a co-living project, the shelves were designed to bear some weight. 

O.F.I.S Series, Tubular Shelf by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

O.F.I.S Series, Tubular Shelf by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz
© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This tubular steel shelve forms part of the Series O.F.I.S (Obejcts From Intersticial Space) by Lucas Muñoz. It is an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative. 

Hatch by Liene Jākobsone & Manten Devriendt

Hatch by Liene Jākobsone & Manten Devriendt
©Liene Jākobsone & Manten Devriendt

“Hatch” is a cabinet inspired by architecture and the aesthetics of raw building materials. It samples standard shapes, textures, and patterns, combining those in a multi-functional storage unit that plays with scale and context.

System P5 – Neo Industrial Metal Shelf by studio PART

The new furniture collection “System P5” by Studio PART combines creative handcraft with industrial-scale technology. 

NOPPER – a functional Metal Storage toy for adults by Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio

Nopper is a modular system for building a cupboard or a desk. The construction originated from research into plastic building toy blocks for children.

Temporal Collection, Bauhaus Shelf by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

The “Temporal Collection, Brass & Steel Shelf” by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz is a shelf made of brass and steel.

magazine rack by Esther De Vos

magazine rack by Esther De Vos
©Esther De Vos

The connection between steel and glass, two contrasting materials, was the starting point for this design. The MAGAZINE RACK interprets Esther as a multifunctional piece of furniture that easily finds a place in any interior.

Bucha Soberana Metal Storage  by Cultivado em Casa

Bucha Soberana Metal Storage  by Cultivado em Casa
© Cultivado em Casa

Luffa , a recurrent climbing plant in Brazilian culture, took the designers to the city of Bonfim, located in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais and known as the National Capital of Bucha.

Canto – Aluminum Drawer by Luiz Solano

Canto – Aluminum Drawer by Luiz Solano
©Luiz Solano

Introducing the CANTO Drawer from the renowned CANTO series. Crafted meticulously using 38 x 38 mm aluminum angles and 3 mm thick anodized aluminum sheets, the design prioritizes stability and durability.

Opticabinet Metal Storage Solution by Lisa Brustolin

Opticabinet Metal Storage Solution by Lisa Brustolin
© Lisa Brustolin

Handcrafted in Italy by masters of Venetian craftsmanship, this cabinet Lisa Brustolin is an extensive research on the interaction of colour, which is here applied to the surface in order to create a gradient illusion depending on how far is the user.

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Opting for metal storage is a statement of embracing longevity and design innovation. These pieces do more than just organize and store; they transform spaces with their unique aesthetic appeal, marrying utility with the elegance of modern design.

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