"Crooked Shelf"

12 Beautiful Wooden Storage Solutions

Within your most intimate spaces, wooden storage solutions effortlessly bridge privacy and functionality. Harnessing the innate beauty of wood, these storage units are not merely spaces to tuck away belongings. Instead, they transform into artistic pieces, drawing inspiration from design movements such as the sleek Minimalist, the timeless Scandinavian Modern, and the ornate intricacies of Art Deco. Ultimately, envelop yourself in our collection of natural, modern rustic dressers, drawers, and other storage solutions.

Buró Salomón Mid Century Modern Nightstand by Kresta Studio

This nightstand is more than just wooden furniture. Ultimately, it is a declaration of love for detail and timeless beauty.

Rustic Rosa Morada Sideboard by Studio ORYX

Handcrafted from high-quality Rosa Morada wood. This sideboard features a beautiful rustic finish with a touch of Mid Century Modern inspiration that adds character to any room.

Scandinavian Modern Wood Credenzas Trono by A-G Studio

Scandinavian Modern Wood Credenzas Trono by A-G Studio
© A-G Studio

Solid Scandinavian Modern wooden credenza inspired by the shape of a lying jaguar. Experience the representation of the Xochiquetzal’s throne at the Codex Borbonicus.

Crotto 2 by 13 Desserts

Crotto is a bendable poplar wood bookcase. The manufacturing process inspired by violin-making gives the product a hollow body whose appearance is both massive and organic. All the parts are entirely made and assembled by hand in France.

“Not only hollow” cabinet by Dirk Vander Kooij

"Not only hollow" cabinet
© Dirk Vander Kooij

The “Not only hollow” cabinet suspends solid wood in a low-resolution 3D printed shell. This pairing is autobiographical in nature.

“Rima” Mid Century Modern Credenza by Peca Mobiliario

There is a fine line between the practical object and the art piece – that is exactly where handmade Mid Century ModernRima” Credenza stands.

Cava Salomón by Kresta Studio

Wooden Cava Salomón by Kresta Studio
© Kresta Studio

Salomón wine cabinet is crafted from solid Rosa Morada wood, creating a furniture piece with a distinct character that will spark conversations and hold your favorite wines.

“Shape N.5” Wooden Storage Cabinet by Anna Bera

Mid Century Modern "Shape N.5" Cabinet, a wooden storage solution
© Anna Bera

The starting point for “Shape N.5” was the idea of an  Mid Century Modern  object whose function is determined by the state of being empty inside. 

“Crooked Shelf” by Nazara Lazaro

"Crooked Shelf" a wooden storage solution by Nazara Lazaro
© Nazara Lazaro

The Minimalist  Crooked Shelf is part of the Crooked Collection, an ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces.

“Carmen” Bar Wooden Storage Cabinet by Comité de Proyectos

“Carmen” Bar Cabinet by Comité de Proyectos
© Comité de Proyectos

The sentinels Ramón, Vilma and Carmen personify one of the most transcendent, instinctive acts that living beings have the pleasure of experiencing: caring and being cared for.

Ventura Boho Chic Wooden Storage by Joyful Objects, Yes! 

The Ventura Cabinet alludes to an aesthetic that breaks the limits of ordinary and serious design. Rattan and wood complement each other to make a piece with a Mexican and fun aesthetic.

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Choosing wooden storage is more than a practical decision; it’s a nod to an aesthetic that values both design and utility. Whether you’re inclined towards the understated beauty of Scandinavian designs, the pared-down look of Minimalism, or the grandeur of Art Deco, wooden storage pieces encapsulate elegance that serves a purpose.

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