9 Metal Floor Lamps: Illuminate Your Space

Metal Floor Lamps merge art and illumination, creating focal points in modern interiors. Crafted from metal, these lamps offer more than just light; they are sculptural statements of design. From the glamorous and intricate Art Deco style to the eclectic and bold Maximalism and the raw, powerful aesthetics of Brutalism, metal floor lamps stand as unique, beautiful, and original works, often embodying a rustic yet refined charm.

Ito Floor lamp by Stem

Ito Floor lamp by Stem
© Stem

The Ito floor lamp embodies the transience of life’s passing moments that we often wish to hold on to. It is an ode to the beauty of the ephemeral experiences that keep the momentum of life flowing.



The Art Deco Armilla Floor Lamp by Scattered Disc Objects. Brass striped pipes, brass mirrors, aluminium, LED spotlight

Distruss Floor Metal Lamps by ARCANA

Distruss Floor Metal Lamps by ARCANA

The Distruss Floor Lamp is made from a wide array of unexpected materials that resembles a dancing pop star and features lights that brighten up the entire space. Given its unique shape, varied texture and colours, it exudes a maximalist energy.

“Zinc” Artistic Floor Lamps by Cultivado em Casa

Covered in a yellow zinc plating, these artistic floor lamps are both elegant and simple
© Cultivado em Casa

A common item in steel houses, the 180º curve is the starting point of this artistic floor lamp. Using this element of industrial origin and organic format, Cultivado em Casa seeks to create affable pieces. The goal is to transmit the softness and rawness of the material. With the yellow zinc plating they are emphasizing a very common finish in the industry, but little appreciated outside of it.

Mundane & Everyday by Eyjolfsson

Neo industrial Floor Lamp Designs by Mundane & Everyday

A celebrational totem of everyday objects, stool, plate, jug and a lamp.

L1 Metal Floor Lamps  by Luiz Solano

L1 Metal Floor Lamps  by Luiz Solano
©Luiz Solano

The L1 series is made up of cylindrical steel tubes with electrostatic painting and natural aluminum fins. E27 LED bulbs screw into rubber-coated ceramic sockets. The lamps are dimmable and activated by a floor switch.

Signatures Lumineuses Metal Floor Lamps by Melissa Mariller

Signatures Lumineuses Metal Floor Lamps by Melissa Mariller
©Melissa Mariller

This lamp by Melissa Mariller is part of a series of three lamps resulting from an interpretation of various environments around the car. Combining the checkerboard present in car races, and led strips from car tuning customs,

Yacaman Metal Floor Lamps by Paola Jose

Yacaman Metal Floor Lamps by Paola Jose
© Paola Jose

The “Yacaman Floor” is part of the Yacaman collection, the first series of luminaires designed by Paola Jose. The project has a personal and profound meaning: It is a tribute to her father and grandfather, both doctors, brilliant, and both departed.

“Toucan” Metal Floor Lamps  by Pettersen & Hein

"Toucan" lamp
© Pettersen & Hein

As seen at our “Now Nordic” exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum, this artistic floor lamp explores the potential of materials. It transforms cold, prosaic and seemingly static materials, such as concrete and metal, into soft, tactually inviting objects. By refining the somewhat boring, industrial materials into vibrant elements, the lamp becomes poetic and sensuous.

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Choosing a metal floor lamp is a commitment to enhancing your space with a piece that balances functionality with artistic expression. These lamps not only provide essential lighting but also act as captivating pieces of art, adding elegance and personality to any room.

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