12 Paper Designs That Make You Think Twice

In the realm of furniture design, where function and form dance in harmonious union, a lesser-known but profoundly captivating artistry emerges: paper design. It’s a world where sheets of paper cease to be mere writing surfaces. Instead paper is transformed into the building blocks of creativity and innovation. Welcome to the intricate world of paper design, where artisans craft imaginative pieces that blur the lines between utility and art.

Fast Money by Yoomoota


This work is the embodiment of forgettable cash in the Yoomoota universe. It is interesting to point, out that the more money runs online, the faster money, which lives offline, moves. They have so many legs that it becomes impossible to hold them!

ORGUS Chair N.05 by Humberto da Mata

©Humberto da Mata

Each Eclectic piece has its uniqueness in shape and texture while sharing similarities in their construction: they are all hand-crafted, a feature that connects all the studio’s production, from upholstery to unique ceramic and paper pulp pieces.

Taurus by Jonathan Bocca

Paper Design
©Jonathan Bocca

The concept of the chair was born from the feeling of being “strong” I directly think about being in the form of a bull and express that moment of restlessness when you are in front of something bigger than you; this chair makes you ride the impossible.

“Vereda” Paper bench by Domingos Tótora

©Domingos Tótora

Domingo Tótora’s “VeredaRustic bench is made from the designer’s signature material: recycled cardboard.

Pink Slime Side Table by Gustavo Barroso

A creative blend of reclaimed materials like wood, cardboard, papier-mâché, joint compound, and dyed epoxy, redefines furniture as art.

“Léger Nuage” Paper Table Lamp by Studio BrichetZiegler

Rippling mist, clouds hang on a hill, the “Léger Nuage” lampshade seems to float above its base. Extremely light, the paper deforms as whipped up by smoke circles.

Secondary Splash Light by Diego Faivre

©Diego Faivre

Secondary Splash Light is the translation of a 2D drawing from Hugo Béhérégaray into a 3D cardboard shape that is later transformed into a lamp.

Meteora by Jonathan Bocca

© Jonathan Bocca

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey as Meteoraa illuminates your space, igniting not only light but also the dreams within your soul.

ORGUS Paper Sideboard N.01 by Humberto da Mata

© Humberto da Mata

The presented piece wes hand modelled with paper pulp and structured with plywood and metal profiles.

Paper Giraffa by Jonathan Bocca

©Jonathan Bocca

Giraffa was born with the intent to change the relationship between person and object see through by changing the point of view. The Paper lamp looks as if it is standing still but is about to move as it listens to the beholder.

ORGUS Mirror N.10 by Humberto da Mata 

© Humberto da Mata

The presented Space Age piece was hand modeled with paper pulp and structured with plywood and metal profiles.

Zampa by Jonathan Bocca

©Jonathan Bocca

Zampa is a vibrant yellow Conceptual chair that exudes energy and playfulness. Its unique design resembles the paw of a playful animal, giving it a fun and whimsical character.

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