Two Become Three: Announcement of New Partner and Director of Adorno

It is with great excitement that we announce that Jimmy MacDonald, founder of the London Design Fair, has become the third joint owner and director of, alongside directors and founders Kristian Snorre Andersen and Martin Clausen, following his resignation from the London Design Fair in January 2020.
“We first met Jimmy in 2018 when he invited Adorno to present our first curated collections at the London Design Fair. Since that moment, the relationship and support we have received have only grown, culminating in the second Adorno exhibition at the Fair in 2019, which included eleven international curators from eleven international design scenes and representing over 100 pieces by designers and makers.”
– Martin Clausen, Founder & Creative Director

The Belgian Collection curated by Elien Haentjens presented at Crossovers by Adorno, London Design Fair 2019.

“We share a passion for curated collectible contemporary craft and design from design scenes globally; something which is very much what made the London Design Fair different from all other ‘trade’ fairs internationally and was very much a result of Jimmy’s interest and international outreach.”
– Kristian Snorre Andersen, Founder & CEO
“Whereas the London Design Fair is very much a four-day opportunity to expose exhibitors’ work to the UK market on an international stage in London, Adorno’s multifaceted approach of providing a 365 e-commerce platform, as well as physical exhibitions in international markets, is incredibly appealing to me and will offer greater opportunities to convert sales for all of Adorno’s collaborators. We intend to scale the platform and create exhibitions in London, New York, and Dubai. I believe the combination of e-commerce coupled with exhibitions is the future of design exhibitions.”
– Jimmy MacDonald, Partner & Commercial Director
The “Swedishness” Collection, Curated by Paola Bjäringer, (c) Tommy Frost.

Safeefah x Clay from the Crafts Dialogue Collection curated by Farah Nasri & Samer Yamani for IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council (Launching Online March 2020)

Supporting the designers, makers, and curators from each scene is incredibly important to Adorno. All pieces available for sale on are introduced through collections presented by Adorno’s international curators. We now work with more than twenty-four curators and three-hundred designers internationally.
Additionally, in 2020, we have started to work with selected institutions and fairs who will now be able to present curated collections by invitation on at any time of the year, not just as part of our landmark exhibitions. In January 2020, we also opened our new Adorno Gallery and office in the centre of Copenhagen.
“This is really a new and very exciting chapter for Adorno and we are very excited to have Jimmy, with his vast international reach and experience, onboard. It also helps that we all enjoy collaborating so much.”
– Kristian & Martin, Founders
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