Curatorial Statement

Swedish design is mutating in tune with social change as its traditional cultural heritage is being challenged on many levels. Slowly but surely new definitions of what constitutes “Swedishness” arise, questioning the status quo from design school to institutions and employers in the field. A new generation of designers is already at work shaping a more diverse future both in form and function, and perhaps even more significantly, in meaning.

Fluorescent oranges, yellows and deep blues, faux hair on glass candelabras and 3-D printed afro picks, Swedish design is evolving in ways which would have been unimaginable decades ago. A long-standing player in the design world, Swedish design would traditionally be represented by natural materials and minimalist aesthetics represented in a light, agreeable color pallet. As the face of Sweden’s society is changing, its cultural and design identity is developing right along with it, speaking just as much to new the new world of contemporary design and functional art.

The Stockholm Collection: 7 Swedish contemporary designers challenging the norms, with a prime focus on women, young designers and fierce form, this collection aims at broadening what we commonly consider Swedish design to be.

Paola Bjåringer

The Collection

detlaj katt

Cat rug

Maja Michaelsdotter Eriksson
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Simon Skinner
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