Adorno Editorial: News

Adorno reports and covers key events at the global collectible design scene. Exploring and contextualizing the best contemporary design. Bringing the best of the local to the global stage.

Unexpected Media:
8 Materials You Didn’t Expect to See on the Global Design Scene

From cow dung to mushroom mycelium to 3D printed sand, this edit showcases examples of contemporary collectible design created from unexpected media. Similar to the unassuming construction and waste materials mentioned in a previous Adorno edit, these makers have looked beyond traditional media to develop practices based around the unexpected. They make use of non-traditional…

Along the Grain:
10 Designers Highlighting the Beauty of Woodworking

Developing from historic roots in master workshops around the world, this edit presents a selection of designers whose work highlights the beauty of contemporary woodworking. Carved, turned, oiled, lacquered, or painted, each designer emphasises the material knowledge and craft skill associated with this long-held artistic tradition. The resulting pieces show the flexibility of this seemingly…

Unassuming Materials:
7 Design Studios Upcycling Construction Materials into Collectible Design

Gathering inspiration in unexpected places and seeing the beauty of discarded materials. This edit highlights a selection of design studios who employ a more sustainable approach to material use, developing pieces which juxtapose original material histories with their final, collectible forms. They create an interwoven narrative of old and new, cast away and repurposed. Possibilities…

The Lighting Edit:
10 Sculptural Lighting Solutions

Functional art finds itself in a space where utilitarian objects – furniture, tableware, and lighting, among others – take an aesthetic turn, emphasising both the functional and artistic qualities of design. Rather than purely design objects, functional art is practical and focuses on usability in everyday life. These pieces do not compromise on aesthetic value,…

Wearable Art:
Where Jewellery & Fashion Design Meet Crafts & Collectible Design

Wearable art finds itself at the intersection of jewellery and fashion design and collectible design. First developing in the 1930s and growing throughout the 1960s and 1970s as the “wearable art movement”, it has featured avant garde clothing, jewellery, headwear, and footwear and champions strong artistic statements. Most often handmade, these pieces emphasise the craftsmanship…