Curatorial Statement

Since leaving Mother nature’s carefully and lovingly designed home for us, humanity has been longing to construct a world shaped through materials of our own creation, for our own needs. This has led mankind’s object creators on a winding journey further and further away from our humble beginnings in a world of “primitive” natural materials. Recent developments have seen a shift in attitude and a focus on natural, responsible materials applicable for a modern urban human now define what we consider to be innovative design. Striking a thoughtful balance between man and machine, urbanism and environmentalism, is exactly what Belgian design does best, here the saying down to earth takes on a double meaning, shedding its modesty and becoming a resounding mark of pride.

A New Urban Tribe: 10 Belgian designers and studios offer us a glimpse into a world of craft and material use, far ahead of its time. Their works tell a unique story about the urban environment we inhabit and the modern tools we use to navigate our own personal contemporary societies.

Elien Haentjens

The Collection

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