30 Unique and Artistic Seating Arrangements

In the realm of aesthetics and functionality, seating emerges as a subtle yet commanding artistic force. Chairs, sofas, and seating arrangements, beyond their practical roles, possess a unique ability to metamorphose spaces into captivating realms of artistry. This article embarks on a journey into the heart of design where the mere act of sitting becomes a form of expression, and the choice of seating can sculpt the very ambiance of a room.

Mellow by Tremendo Estudio.

Mellow is an armchair designed to curve around the body, providing a sense of comfort and well-being. It all starts with two soft and rounded shapes, a circle and a cylinder, that are tensioned and curved to embrace you and invite you to rest.

Safeefah Chair by Ghaya Bin Mesmar and IRTHI

©Ghaya Bin Mesmar and IRTHI

Beige Safeefah Chair is made from beige powder coated steel, with natural-coloured Khose and beige leather weaved using “Dhuhoori” technique (Safeefah), and beige linen cushions.

Ball Foot Sculptural Chair by Panorammma Atelier

The EclecticBall-Foot Chair” is upholstered with cactus leather, a vegan textile infused with natural cacti fibers. The chair’s seat is playfully in dialogue with its distinctive spherical extremities.

Mistral Armchair by Studio Bazazo

©Studio Bazazo

Carefully molded by hand, as if slowly eroded by nature through the passing of time, the Art DecoMistral Armchair” has sumptuous inviting curves that cradle you.



One of the symbols of Ukrainian land a sunflower (Soniah), has become a leitmotif of design.

Chair made in 912 minutes by Diego Faivre 

©Diego Faivre 

This Maximalist chair is made in brightly colored clay, designed in a bid to inject some fun into daily and forgotten objects.

Icpalli by Kresta Studio

©Kresta Studio

Icpalli is a Coastal chair that comes to life through the hands of skilled Mexican artisans.

“IO” Bench by Buket Hoşcan Bazman

© Buket Hoşcan Bazman

Boucle fabric upholstered bench with brass detailed, hand-carved solid wood legs.

Chair I metaspace by metastudio x spacestudio

© metastudio x spacestudio

The sides are tempered and coloured glass. The sitting area and the structure is stainless-steel connected by welding inside the glass.

Rion Loveseat by ARCANA


The “Rion Loveseat” captures the essence of Arcana’s 2019 “Altered Common” collection, a whimsical exploration into the miss-use of common building materials, here seen with glass block and wrought iron window guard.

PION Seat – Green by OHM studio studio

© OHM studio studio

With a minimalist look, the piece of furniture is not limited to a single use. Thus PION can be a stool, a side table or a bedside table. Solo monochrome or well-accompanied polychrome.

Glove Couch by thehighkey

© thehighkey

The Glove Couch, was conceived in 3D software by thickening a curved line. This Coastal seat encourages you to sit in its various folds, creating a condition in which you feel held

Double Vision (DV) Chair by Studio S II LLC

©Studio S II LLC

Inspired by a myriad of indulgent nights, this Conceptual chair is meant to share the feeling and effect of “double vision,” the phenomenon of perceiving two images, usually overlapping, as one holistic object.

O.F.I.S Seating Series, Tubular Armchair by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This Tubular Steel Armchair forms part of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space), an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative.

Mirror Lounge Chair by Project 213A

© Project 213A

The lounge chair presents a playful take on brutalism with its minimal shape and an eye-catching mirrored surface. 

ORGUS Chair N.05 by Humberto da Mata

©Humberto da Mata

Each piece has its uniqueness in shape and texture while sharing similarities in their construction: they are all hand-crafted, a feature that connects all the studio’s production, from upholstery to unique ceramic and paper pulp pieces.

Toledo Armchair by Comité de Proyectos

© Comité de Proyectos

This distinctive armchair can add boldness to your living room. The soft, big-cushioned seat makes it very comfortable and the small leather one perfectly supports the lower back making it even more comfortable.

PAU SILVER V1 Armchair by Simone Fanciullacci

© Simone Fanciullacci

Pau V1 is a Space Age armchair made by Italian artisans in painted and spray coated Polystyrene with an incredible metallic final coating that makes the object as reflective as chrome-plated metal

Foot Bench by Project 213A

© Project 213A

The bench is hand carved by artisans in northern Portugal from chestnut wood or walnut and oil finished to have a smooth surface.

Pomelo Wooden Seat II by Nada Debs and IRTHI

©Nada Debs and IRTHI

By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs launch a collection that represents a contemporary interpretation of the vases and vessels carried by Bedouin tribes.

Blondie Chair by Maria Zakioso 

© Maria Zakioso 

Blondie chair is a limited edition functional art object made by the artist in her London studio.

Roadster Armchair with Footstool by Szostak Atelier

© Szostak Atelier

The Seat is completely handmade of thick wenge planks joined tongue-and-groove. Chair legs are made of stainless steel bars with an adjustable seat inclination angle to suit your needs.

B.F.M.F Seating Series, 360º Diagonal by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This Playful, Brutalist, and yet Stylized Sofa is one of the results of a long investigation by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz in the shapes Foam takes when it’s molded into steel frames.

F.C Series, Formas Curvas 02 Armchair by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

©Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This chair is part of the collection Formas Curvas. It’s described as “a redefinition of upholstery through the use of only sleeves and knots”.

TORO Seating by Daniel Couttolenc

© Daniel Couttolenc

TORO Minimalist stools blur the line between design and sculpture. They are functional stools, with simple lines and a lot of visual power. 

c.1[bpg] by thibeau scarcériaux

© thibeau scarcériaux

“c.1[bpg]” is a Brutalist glass lounge chair that has been shot with no visible connections. The glass chair exemplifies a fascination with immateriality and structural integrity.

LOLO – II by studio YOLK

©studio YOLK

LOLO is a family of objects, stools or side tables all of which are alike, yet different – like you and me. An abstraction about diversification.

Blue Slime Seating by Gustavo Barroso

© Gustavo Barroso

Gustavo Barroso’sBlue Slime Chair” blends art and function with repurposed materials.

Three Little Lamps Seating Bench by Nicholas Devlin

© Nicholas Devlin

A Conceptual bench with three lamps attached and a foam cushion.

Chainmail Sculptural Seating by Panorammma Atelier

The Bauhaus “Chainmail Chair” by Panorammma Atelier is a new take on William Katavolos 1952’s “T-Chair”. Its seat is made up of hand-linked metal rings coming together to form a strong and flexible mesh that drapes down its T structure.

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