10 Ethereal Maximalist Tables with a Bold and Vibrant Aesthetic

Defined by bold colours and eclectic patterns, Maximalism is a perfect style that embraces the more-is-more mindset. ADORNO’s selection of Maximalist tables features leading independent designers around the world, ensuring that each piece is both functional, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. Discover our carefully curated list of the top 10 Maximalist tables full of vibrant colours, bold shapes, and unexpected materials.

Isola Console Table by Brajak Vitberg

© Brajak Vitberg

Brajak Vitberg’s Maximalist table is made of two laminated glass pieces with holographic foil. Metal details are applied under the glass panel in order for the console table to be fixed to the wall.

The Beauty of Distortion by Dorian Renard

The Beauty of Distortion by Dorian Renard
© Dorian Renard

The Beauty of Distortion is a study on how our prejudices about materials can be altered through the subversive use of crafting techniques, which melt, blow, stretch, and bend what we think the material is into a new, elegant distortion of what it could also be.

Pink Console by Vytautas Gečas

Pink Console by Vytautas Gečas
© Vytautas Gečas

Practical experimentation meets a playful approach to Maximalist materials techniques in the “Pink Console”, an eclectic piece of furniture.

“LEVA50” Side/Coffee Table by ALVA design

“LEVA50” Side/Coffee Table by ALVA design
© ALVA design

The LEVA table is functional and flexible, as it combines the use of a tray and a table in the same piece of furniture.

“Envisioned Comfort” Console Table by Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

“Envisioned Comfort” Console Table by Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas
© Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

“Envisioned Comfort” is a series of objects based on construction that allows a broad variety of shapes. The more elements you have, the more detailed curves you can get. Therefore, this construction can be applied to almost any furniture you can imagine.

“Plano expandido” Table N.2 by Teresa Fernández-Pello

"Plano expandido" Table N.2
© Teresa Fernández-Pello

“Plano expandido” is an exercise in formal experimentation with aluminium machining processes. It takes as a base the plan view drawing of a bi-rail aluminium profile cross-section, reproduced on the surface, sectioned, and folded to result in volume.

Ziggy Coffee Table by Leo Di Caprio

Ziggy coffee table
© Leo Di Caprio

Leo Di Caprio designed his ”Ziggy” collection based on a study of traditional Brazilian jewels. For centuries, indigenous Brazilian people have used seeds found in the forest to make jewels with geometrical forms.

The Oven by UAU 


The Oven side table – an offbeat sense of humour meets a whimsical sensibility. A collaborative Maximalist project made together with Reborn Bicycles, a Romanian-based studio specializing in custom painting and colouring techniques.

Space – Line – Form by UAU


The Space – Line – Form coffee table is an ode to free hand-building, in which the shape follows the free movement of the hands, making it almost a meditative process.

Herida Table – Tropical Depression by Fi

© Fi

TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi. In a pure state of consciousness, life is simple. The understanding of the metaphor is that the language of nature gives us the answers if we are able not to interfere with the message.

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Maximalist style celebrates a free-spirited aesthetic with an emphasis on natural materials, vibrant colours, and eclectic patterns. At ADORNO, we curate a selection of functional art pieces that embody the essence of Maximalist style.

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