“JOIAS” Tribo table (Small)

by Sep Verboom

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JOIAS Tribo tables mirror the origin of the material itself: the Carnaúba palm. By using different techniques, colours and parts of the fibre Tribo refers formally subtly to the tree and its environment. Besides the tables also reflect on the crucial role this ‘tree of life’ plays in the daily life of the community. In this sense, the Carnaúba functions as their contemporary totem.

Joias is the result of a residency of three Belgian designers and one Belgian curator who shared for three weeks life and work in a cute pink house in Santa Isabel, an island in the magisterial setting of the Brazilia

The Delta of Parnaíba is one of the three largest deltas in the world. Like the Nile and the Mekong River it has a unique ecosystem. Parnaíba is the entrance to this natural paradise.

The Carnaúba palm is also known as the ‘tree of life’. If you get to know the endless applications of the different parts of the palm, you immediately understand this nickname. Even in periods of drought, the tree survives without problems.

The tree plays an important economic role in the North-East of Brazil. That’s why it appears on the flag of the states Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará. The most important economic uses are the powder to make the wax and the shredded straw – a bagana – that is used for the fertilisation and cooling of the ground of new plantations. Thanks to this protection the ground stays humid – even during the six dry summer months – and the temperature is more balanced.

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SEP VERBOOM With his label Livable designer Sep Verboom (°1990, works in Ghent) cooperates with traditional communities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil. Together with local people Verboom creates projects in which crafts, social engagement, design and human contact beautifully merge. As these communities don’t have professional structures the final product is always unique. Beautiful examples are the FAN project (2014) in the Philippines’ Cebu City, for which he recycled the metal structure of fans and combined these with newly made rotan structures in lamps, and the Caro Barro project (2016) in the Brazilian Vale do Jequitinhonha, where he made ceramic vases that combine traditional local techniques with a contemporary design. Line by line Verboom also integrates this knowledge into industries such as Belgian companies Vincent Sheppard, for whom he designed the Aya-collection, and Papilio, for whom he designed the Rope Rugs. Doing so, he wants to realise his final goal: a social, ecological and qualitative revolution of the traditional industries. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the German Recycling Design prize and the Belgian Henry Van de Velde, Young talent Award.
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