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Designer Sep Verboom

“Fan” lamp (stained black weaving)

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Designed by Sep Verboom, the hanging “Fan” lamp is made from a reclaimed metal frame that used to be part of a fan. By reusing and repurposing materials, Verboom wants to innovate a more efficient way to handle waste in Cebu City in the Philippines. By combining the metal structure with natural rattan, which is woven according to traditional techniques by local craftsmen, the waste gets a new life. The rattan provides a natural touch to “Fan” and connects it to the rich culture of weaving workshops. “Fan” is a perfect example of Sep Verboom’s vision, which is not new or oriented towards the spectacular; it is shaped by a no-nonsense aesthetic sensibility and privileges simplicity, sustainability and function. He strives to bring things back to their roots, where thinking and collaborating with local people evolves into a better way of living. Verboom views the entire environment as a potential source for something innovative, and believes that every existing material, object or craft has the potential to become a life changer, whatever the scale. His ultimate goal is a revolution of the industries.

Limited Edition: 20 ONLY ON ADORNO
Full dimensions (cm)

45 cm. x 45 cm x 15 cm

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Full dimensions (cm)

45 cm. x 45 cm x 15 cm

Weight (kg)


Production Year



Each lamp shade is unique and limited. It comes with its unique imperfections. Combining an industrial looking metal fan guard with the natural rattan weavings lights up a tradition of authentic Philippine craft and social entrepreneurship.

‘Boom in’ flemish for doing it differently without restrictions.
Since 2015 his studio “Boomin Sep” is officially based in Ghent.
Young Belgian designer, Sep Verboom (1990), born in Ghent, Belgium.

In 2012 he graduated Industrial Product Design at HOWEST.
For his final thesis project Sep Verboom went for 6 month to the Philippines where he founded the FAN project, an awarded social awareness project.

After his graduation Sep migrated to Germany, Berlin and got the chance to assist the lovely design studio Joa Herrenknecht. A year later he moved back into the world, working on a new label that focuses on social inspired design objects, ‘Livable Products’.

Spreading his stories by giving lectures and exhibitions. London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Kortrijk or Brussels, Sep is feeling lucky to experience other cultures, meet people and open his eyes, resulting in a no nonsense design thinking.

“Eye-opening use of available materials
Improve life, the world. Ours, theirs, everyone’s.”

Sep Verboom’s vision is not new, not spectacular nor outstanding. It brings things back to its roots, where thinking and collaborating evolves in a better way of living. Looking at the wide environment where everything can be a foundation of something innovative. Every existing material, object or craft has the potential to become a live changer, whatever the scale. As long as we consider the social aspects and environmental consequences of our choices.

Not an idealist, but a believer, that things, pure and simple, either social, ecological or improvable CAN make a difference.

The designer

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Sep Verboom
SEP VERBOOM With his label Livable designer Sep Verboom (°1990, works in Ghent) cooperates with traditional communities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil. Together with local people Verboom creates projects in which crafts, social engagement, design and human contact beautifully merge. As these communities don’t have professional structures the final product is always unique. Beautiful examples are the FAN project (2014) in the Philippines’ Cebu City, for which he recycled the metal structure of fans and combined these with newly made rotan structures in lamps, and the Caro Barro project (2016) in the Brazilian Vale do Jequitinhonha, where he made ceramic vases that combine traditional local techniques with a contemporary design. Line by line Verboom also integrates this knowledge into industries such as Belgian companies Vincent Sheppard, for whom he designed the Aya-collection, and Papilio, for whom he designed the Rope Rugs. Doing so, he wants to realise his final goal: a social, ecological and qualitative revolution of the traditional industries. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the German Recycling Design prize and the Belgian Henry Van de Velde, Young talent Award.
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Elien Haentjens
Elien Haentjens is the Adorno curator of design destination Brussels. “Fan” lamp (stained black weaving) by Sep Verboom is carefully selected as a piece that reflects the local design scene of Brussels. As a local and recognized design expert Elien Haentjens's curation is a quality assurance that buying from Sep Verboom is a safe investment in the most important design from Brussels right now.

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