Flower Ceiling Lamp

by Yoomoota Thailand

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The Flower lamp is the incarnation of a predatory flower, which can catch not only insects and animals with its light, but also people who always strain after the light and reach out for it. Nevertheless, this predatory plant was curbed by a human long time ago with the help of a transparent glass bulb around the lampshade, as if being in its personal aquarium. People were able to tame the light, and accordingly, this predatory plant.

The flower sprouts on the Planet of Paradise. Many people, who have visited this place, become hostages of pollen fumes from plants, and local people, who have already adapted to these poisonous fumes, become like zombies, staying in their oblivion. The sparks flare up in the surroundings at night time and give the impression of safety. However, those local people, who go outside the city at this time, risk being eaten by poisonous plants, which are also called «Head Eaters». These plants are the nocturnal defenders of cities from the living creatures that exist in the forests of the Planet of Paradise.


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Known as Taras Yoom, Taras Zheltyshev is the visionary behind the Yoomoota collection. While his earlier life saw him in the role of a doctor, in the realm of imagination, he captains the spaceship Popato-1, journeying through the Yoomota universe. On Earth, Taras stands out not just as an artist who has graced numerous international exhibitions, but also as an esteemed winner of several design accolades. His unique artistic approach is deeply rooted in blending his understanding of biology and nature, resulting in deeply personalized designs and art projects. In his formative years, Taras donned multiple hats, working in a lab and an architectural bureau. Here, he crafted interior items and art pieces, and it was during this phase that design, artistry, and biophysics coalesced in his thoughts. His artistic endeavors started to deftly weave the tangible reality with the intricate natural processes he had witnessed during his medical studies. This gave rise to art rich in histological patterns, molecular imagery, and the vibrant hues and forms of living organisms. Today, Taras is celebrated as a multifaceted artist, producing sculptures, paintings, unique design objects, furniture, and NFTs. His work has been spotlighted in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle Decoration, AD, Interior+Design, Tatler, Interiors The Best, and Forbes.
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