“Post Digital Vase” Series by Coudre Studio – When digital knowledge meets craftsmanship

Coudre Studio, a Barcelona-based design studio, emerged from the intersection of interests between its founders – Raul Nieves (digital creator), Jude Serena (craftsman) and Valeria Ustárez (product designer).

In their work, the studio merges digital knowledge with traditional processes. Their name “coudre”, the French word for weaving, serves as a metaphor for these encounters. Simultaneously, it evokes the process of shaping and manipulating the textures that a 3D printer produces – the main tool of Coudre Studio.

The “Post Digital Vase” series constitutes 3D-printed ceramics that precisely demonstrate Coudre Studio’s approach to design using new technologies, exemplified by “Post Digital Vase n. 14” and “Post Digital Vase n. 15”.

In regular 3D printing methods, the machine’s path is automatically generated to approximate a given 3D shape. Instead, the studio carefully works on the printer’s path, sometimes even coordinate by coordinate. There is skill involved in controlling these machines to create unique pieces, just like when mastering the pottery wheel. Therefore, the makers consider themselves post-digital artisans.

By merging technical precision with organic shapes, the “Post Digital Vase” series manages to perfectly encapsulate post-digital design. Each piece is the result of Coudre Studio’s non-simulated approach to the sinuous path of the machine and the conditions of their workshop, pathing the way for uncertain expressions of materials in a post-digital world.

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